Ryan Fulmer gives his local picks

From an 11th-floor conference room in downtown Canton, Ryan Fulmer can see the far corners of the city stretch below him. It’s no New York City, but it’s home.

From an 11th-floor conference room in downtown Canton, Ryan Fulmer can see the far corners of the city stretch below him. It’s no New York City, but it’s home.

Fulmer, a 2003 GlenOak High School graduate, left his job as an analyst for the prestigious banking firm Goldman Sachs in New York City in 2011 to return to Stark County and his father’s wealth management business, Beese Fulmer Private Wealth Management.

“I always knew I would come back,” said Fulmer, who bought his first stock at age 7. “I just wanted to get enough work experience outside of Canton before I did.”

He also was engaged to Evrim Bozkurt, a native of Turkey who was working for a private equity company in Cincinnati when they met. Fulmer found that the immense amount of time his New York job demanded infringed on their free time together.

“It’s not exactly the best work to start a marriage in,” said Fulmer, who celebrated his sixth wedding anniversary with Evrim in September.

Today, the father of Olivia, 2, and Miles, 5 months, is the vice president of portfolio management at Beese Fulmer, a company founded in 1980 by his father, Dennis Fulmer, and fellow ex-Harter Bank trust officer William Beese. The Canton company, which focuses on high-net-worth individuals, families and nonprofit organizations, has become one of Northeast Ohio’s largest money management firms south of Akron.

Outside of work and family, Fulmer volunteers for many nonprofits and causes, such as serving as the co-chair of The Wilderness Center’s Silver Gala and serving as board president for The Workshops Inc., which helps connect local employers with adults with development disabilities.

While his hometown might not have the skyline of the big city, Fulmer loves the lifelong relationships he and his family are making in Stark County.

“Your kids grow up with these same kids and they see them, whether it’s at school, or at Brookside, ballet class or Kindermusik,” he said. “If we were still in New York, good luck with that. That would never happen.”

Favorite restaurant:
Bender’s Tavern in Canton
“I remember growing up here and going there for special occasions,” Fulmer said. “It has that neat historical perspective where you can imagine business tycoons from 100 years ago being there when Canton was a bustling city of steel and industry. It still has that same mystique.” Fulmer said he recommends Bender’s steaks, particularly the rib-eye.

Favorite volunteer opportunity:
The Workshops Inc.
“What’s unique about it, we work with local businesses and provide services to them so some of the biggest businesses in town are our clients,” said Fulmer who joined the nonprofit’s board four years ago. “We have a contract with them where we’ll solve some problem that they might not be able to solve with traditional contract staffing, and at the same time, we’re giving these individuals (with disabilities) who don’t have the acuity to work at the company by themselves … the dignity of going to a job, which I think is important.”

Most memorable spot:
Canton Cultural Center for the Arts
“I remember the Pegasus statue, and every Christmas we would go to ‘A Christmas Carol,’ “ Fulmer recalled. “As you think of your kids, you want to carry forward some of those things you experienced, so I look forward to that.”

Favorite place to take the kids:
Jackson Township parks and Brookside Country Club (tie)
The jungle gym and the geese in the pond at Jackson Township’s North Park are a Fulmer family favorite, while they favor the swimming pool at the Brookside Country Club.

Favorite lunch spot:
Deli Ohio in Canton
“It reminds you of the old, traditional deli where they actually make your food, and it’s high quality and not just some basic sandwich. They really put a lot of effort into it.” He prefers the deli’s breakfast sandwiches with their southern-inspired, denser biscuits that are made in-house. “It’s probably the best breakfast sandwich you can get in the area,” he said.

Favorite event:
The Wilderness Center’s annual gala
“I remember my parents wearing tuxes and getting all dressed up for it, so that was neat (to attend) when we came back in town,” Fulmer said.

Fulmer co-chaired The Wilderness Center’s Silver Gala in September with longtime friend Taylor Schauer to raise money for the nonprofit nature center headquartered in Wilmot.

Where to buy

The Repository
Select Rite Aid Stores
Spee-D Foods
Buehler's Fresh Foods
Fishers Foods, including 44th Street NW, Tuscarawas St. W, Fulton Drive, Lincoln Way E. and Cleveland Ave. NW locations
Aultman Hospital Gift Shop
Mercy Medical Center Gift Shop
Gervasi Vineyard Marketplace
Carpe Diem Coffee Shop, downtown Canton and Belden Village Mall locations
News Depot
Avenue Arts Marketplace
Yum Yum Tree Alliance
Grapes in a Glass