Dr. Pamela Fisher, a holistic veterinarian in North Canton, is passionate when it comes to animals. Her passion propelled her into her career, through which she has been able to reach out to animals.

She knows that music helps to create a harmonious environment for pets, improving their health and behavior.

Fisher has founded the Rescue Animal MP3 Project, a nonprofit organization that provides calming music to animals in shelters across the United States. The organization donates MP3 players with prerecorded music to nonprofit rescue adoption shelters.

“I can never forget the barking and whining of the homeless dogs begging for my glance and the scared ones huddled in the dark corners of their unfamiliar cages whenever I visit my local shelter,” said Fisher. “As a holistic veterinarian, I knew I needed to enrich their lives as they wait for their unknown future. I am aware that many rescued animals are often traumatized and fearful as a result of their challenging life experiences. My passion to improve their quality of life has resulted in founding the nonprofit Rescue Animal MP3 Project, LLC.”

To be eligible for project assistance, animal shelters must be nonprofit, able to house 10 or more animals with active adoptions, provide a sound system and a secure place for the MP3 player, submit an application and agree to adhere to project policies.

Music has been donated by artists from around the world, including Bradley Joseph, Canine Lullabies, Hanai Music, Healing Touch for Animals CDs, Mind Motivations Music, Music My Pet, Pando Music, Perry Wood, Skip Haynes, and Stuart Jones.


WHAT: Nonprofit organization that provides calming pet music for animals in rescue adoption shelters.
BOARD MEMBERS: Dr. Pamela Fisher, president; Barbara Rubin, assistant director-treasurer; Cindy Bouer, secretary; Cheri Keller, Su Nimon, and Patty Vesalo.
PROCEEDS: Provide music and players.
DONATIONS: To Rescue Animal MP3 Project, 7211 Wales Ave. NW, North Canton OH 44720.

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