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Late last year, Reid and Adriann Sittler assumed ownership of Quality Heating & Cooling with an “OATH” to continue the good service customers have come to expect.

Late last year, Reid and Adriann Sittler assumed ownership of Quality Heating & Cooling with an “OATH” to continue the good service customers have come to expect.

They’re the second-generation owners of a business started 35 years ago by Adriann Sittler’s dad, Rick Groff.

The business, which Groff started in his garage has expanded to offices in Masssillon, North Canton and Wadsworth, which serve more than 4,000 customers.

The company offers commercial and home service and installation.

When his father-in-law announced that he planned to retire, Reid Sittler left his job in the medical field to learn the ins and outs of the business before taking ownership. Adriann Sittler is the company’s vice president.

“We wanted to keep it in the family, as a legacy to pass down,” he said. “We also saw it as an opportunity to grow a well-established business.”

Sittler said Quality Heating & Cooling subscribes to four core values known as OATH: Operational Excellence, Accountability, Teamwork and Honesty.

“We make all of our decisions based on these values,” he said.

Sittler said he’s proud of the company’s customer service, which includes followup to service and its two-year “buyback guarantee.”

“If we can’t fix the problem with two years’ time, you get a full refund and pull the system out,” Sittler said.

“When people say ‘Why would you do that? It’s risky to do that,’ that’s how much we believe in the products we install,” his wife added.

The company also is involved in community outreach. In Wadsworth, they support FISH, a faith-based nonprofit which assists single parents. The company allows FISH to occupy an office space, free of charge.

“We’ve also served as a drop-off site for Toys for Tots,” said Reid Sittler, who served in the Marines for eight years.

Sittler said they try to apply the principles he learned in the Marines to the business.

“It’s that operational excellence we talked about,” he said. “That if a problem arises, we try to attack to get it resolved in a timely manner. Honesty also is huge. Integrity is a hard thing to define, but in the Marine Corps, they teach you that integrity is what you do when nobody sees it.”

While they have a three-year plan for expansion, “We’d like to grow by reputation, by word-of-mouth,” Adriann Sittler said.

“It’s quality versus quantity,” her husband added.

Adriann Sittler said one of the rewarding things about running the company is seeing their 34 employees grow and develop in their chosen profession, which, in turn enables them to provide for their families.

“It touches my heart,” she said.

“It’s our people,” her husband added. “From the service side, to the installation side, to customer service—all of them are dedicated to giving the best customer service possible. We wouldn’t be able to be in three locations without their time and talent. They’re the biggest reason we’re at where we’re at.”

Reid Sittler said one of the challenges of the business is modern heating and cooling equipment can be complex.

“It’s not like a refrigerator,” he said. “So being able to drop on a dime and resolve problems that come to us can be a challenge.”

Reid Sittler strongly recommends that homeowners purchase a maintenance plan to ensure that their equipment is operating not just properly, but safely.

We’ve all heard about carbon monoxide and what it can do to people“ he said. “It can be dangerous if equipment is not operating safely. It’s worth it, for peace of mind.”

As parents of three children, the Sittlers say they take seriously emergency calls to restore people’s comfort. Adriann Sittler said delivering such customer service is a companywide effort.

Theirs is the only company in Stark County certified in air balancing and HVAC system performance by the National Comfort Institute.

“It starts with answering the phone,” Adriann Sittler said. “Every person in the company has to believe in our values. When we deliver excellent service, it’s like a grand slam for us.”

To learn more, visit qualityheatingandcooling.com and visit them on Facebook.

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