Mix it up: How to create a cohesive bridal party look

A trend that is fun, frugal and fashionable, mismatched bridesmaids dresses can highlight each woman’s shape and sense of style.

A trend that is fun, frugal and fashionable, mismatched bridesmaids dresses can highlight each woman’s shape and sense of style. 

While some bridal parties opt for choosing one dress style, mismatched looks play with different fabrics, styles and colors, letting the ladies embrace a theme for a cohesive look.

“The mix-and-match trend started to emerge years ago, but it is only now becoming universal within bridal parties,” said Lori Lohsen, divisional merchandise manager, bridesmaids, David’s Bridal. “Brides are getting creative and taking risks to capture a unique look for their special day. The trend is also great for bridesmaids because they have more of a say when choosing their dress and can usually opt for one that is comfortable for them.”

With so many variables and options, though, there are plenty of ways this look can go wrong and end up appearing disjointed. To head fashionably forward, here are some tips from Lohsen.

—Melissa Erickson | More Content Now

Seek commonality

Just like mixing patterns, a similar design component can bring the dresses together.

“Brides can mix and match endlessly as long as there is a common piece that ties the party together. Flowers can work wonders when tying an eclectic bridal party together. It also helps if the styles all have the same aesthetic—for example, all soft and flowy dresses or all sleek and modern styles,” Lohsen said.

Long and short

Mixed hem lengths can work.

“Dresses in the same length make for a cohesive look, but mixing lengths can let the bridal party feel more comfortable and still look great if the styles fit into the same theme,” Lohsen said.

Color with care

Color can add cohesion or disconnect. Choose carefully, especially because not everyone sees color the same way.

“The bride can start by picking a color and adding varying shades of the color,” Lohsen said. For example, choose light purple, medium purple and dark purple. Another option is to pick “a color story with various colors in the same saturation,” such as pastels, jewel tones or dusty hues, Lohsen said.

“The mix-and-match trend allows for the best of both worlds for the bride and her bridesmaids. The bride should stay true to her wedding vision, but allow her bridal party to pick a style that also suits their personalities and flatters their body types. She should not be afraid to try new ideas so she can achieve a truly Pinterest-worthy wedding,” Lohsen said.