Melissa Sherrill’s five local picks

Melissa and David Sherrill moved to Stark County five years ago when David’s job in the oil and gas field brought him to the area.

Arrowhead Vintage & Handmade Goods co-owner gives her local picks.

Melissa and David Sherrill moved to Stark County five years ago when David’s job in the oil and gas field brought him to the area.

“We always said when the job ended, we would move back to Texas,” Melissa said.

The job ended in December 2015, yet the Sherrills still are here—and have since expanded their footprint in downtown Canton.

The Sherrills own and operate Arrowhead Vintage & Handmade Goods, a downtown Canton shop with an eclectic mix of throwback finds and homemade items that opened in October 2014. Their first customer was Eerie Von, the original bass player for Danzig.

Melissa, who worked as a court stenographer when she lived in Texas, said opening Arrowhead was a leap because neither of them had much prior business experience. She credits Mike Nasvadi, owner of Buzzbin Art & Music Shop, and Ryan Miller, owner of Deli Ohio, for getting them started.

She said the ever-changing inventory in the store reflects their personalities, both as individuals and as a husband-and-wife team for the past 18 years.

“So you have a little bit of vintage glassware, house décor, clothing, and you also have vintage toys and lunch boxes,” she said, “and there is that handmade aspect, too. I make things, and my husband makes things, but we also have consignors in the store.”

In June, the Sherrills moved to a larger storefront at 534 Cleveland Avenue NW.

“We’re not from here, but we fell in love with downtown Canton,” said Melissa, who also took over running the Downtown Canton Flea. “That was our mission in opening the business. It was to get people to fall in love with downtown Canton again.”

Sherrill’s five local picks
Artist Steve Ehret's mural in Mother Gooseland.
Artist Steve Ehret’s mural in Mother Gooseland.
1. Steve Ehret Murals
“If you roam around Mother Goose Land or a local business, you will encounter a Steve Ehret mural. They are so amazing and colorful. He is such a talented artist, and I think we are so lucky to have so much of his work in Stark County. My favorite is the Rust Belt piece behind Deli Ohio in downtown Canton.”

2. The Palace Theatre
“The Palace Theatre is gorgeous, and I love walking in and looking at every amazing nook and cranny in such awe. If you walk in and don’t fall in love with it, then we can’t be friends.”

3. Bebe Bernabei
“Canton’s First Lady is probably one of my most favorite people. She’s one of the most personable, down to earth and beautiful ladies inside and out that I have ever met.”

4. The Turkey Bacon Avocado at Deli Ohio
“That is my go-to sandwich at my go-to restaurant in downtown Canton. And since owner Ryan Miller started making his own bread, it has really taken them up a notch!”

5. Buzzbin Art & Music Shop
“This place holds a special place in my heart. This is one of the first places where my husband and I fell in love with downtown Canton. The diverse music, the Texas beers, the staff and the owner became an instant family to us when we first arrived in Ohio. I will always support them and direct people their way.”