In the Biz: The allure that is Paper Twigs

The name of Laura Woofter’s floral design studio and custom paper shop has evolved in step with her creative career.

The name of Laura Woofter’s floral design studio and custom paper shop has evolved in step with her creative career.

Woofter was selling stationery and greeting card designs to boutiques and department stores when she decided to work one-on-one with clients and open a retail shop now called Paper Allure/Twigs and Twine in Stark County.

“I freelanced out of New York City. I would design the invitations and the cards, and they would be distributed through a representative,” explained Woofter. “I love sitting down with a bride or someone who has a birthday or anniversary. I want to meet them to truly get a feel for what they want and what they need.”

Woofter began in 2006 with a shop in downtown Canton called Papier Au La La. In 2009, she moved the store to the Lake Cable area of Jackson Township and changed the name to Paper Allure.

On her website, Woofter calls her shop a “couture invitation designer with the hometown soul and the whimsically cosmopolitan point of view,” and she expresses her belief that “we know there’s no one and no event quite like you and yours.”

“It doesn’t matter what the size,” Woofter added. “If someone wants a four-person dinner, or a husband wants a simple celebration with his wife of their anniversary, we just want to be a part of those momentous occasions.”

When she noticed a demand for flower designs, Woofter added a second service she called Twigs and Twine, offering everyday florals as well as flowers for large events.

For years, the shop operated as Paper Allure/Twigs and Twine, but most know it now by its shortened name, Paper Twigs.

Recently, Woofter moved Paper Twigs across the street to its current 5561 Fulton Drive NW address, so close that the move merely changed the last digit of the street address from even to odd.

“We’ve always said we’re a creative wonderland, and now I feel like I’m home,” said W

oofter. “The shopping plaza we’re in has a garden and mystical feel to it.”

The shop is open 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Tuesday through Thursday, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Friday and
10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Saturday. Paper Twigs also is closed the first Saturday of each month, noted Sarah Goff, manager. “It’s our day to creatively regroup.”

The eight regular employees and a team of part-timers contribute as parts of a creative mind. Work is done in-house—designing, printing and production.

Woofter still designs stationery and custom lines of greeting cards. Custom-made invitations are the driving force of the business, but Goff noted that customers often fill other needs at Paper Twigs. Some of those clients have names that are worthy of dropping.

“Sometimes clients will come in to see the wedding invitation Laura did for Christina Aguilera, and have us do their wedding, so they can say their wedding invitations were designed by the same people who did hers. We custom design the invitations, and then we do the paper signage, the table number and menu pieces.”

The bond with clients extends beyond an event.

“Truly, from the bottom of my heart, I feel honored for us to be a part of our clients’ meaningful events,” said Woofter. “We become a part of their lives. We do their weddings, then we do their parents’ anniversary, and sometimes there is a christening. We’re with them through all these special occasions, and we love that about what we do.”