Too busy to join a health club? Too undisciplined to stick to a home workout program? Just too bored to walk on the treadmill or ride the stationary bike? Well, we have good news. There are countless opportunities in life for us to exercise and get into shape without really trying. You know the laundry chute in the bathroom that keeps you from having to carry clothes down to the washer in the basement? It may be eliminating a way for you to increase your physical fitness. Hoist that garment-filled wicker basket.

Hiring someone to mow your yard? You would get more health benefits from mowing it yourself—walking behind a push-mower instead of riding a lawn tractor, unless you own a country estate.
Here are a few other ways to build stronger bodies by turning everyday activities into your workout program.

Take a hike. Local parks have an abundance of hiking trails. Or, just walk the dog or walk with a spouse around the neighborhood.

Walk up stairs, instead of taking an elevator. Punching a button doesn’t take much effort.

Play catch with your kids. You should be spending time with them anyway. Buy ball gloves instead of board games.

If the dog begs for a walk, don’t say, “In a minute.” It benefits you as much as your pet.

Stand up during meetings at work. If you need to talk to a co-worker, walk over to that colleague’s desk. When you get stressed out, walk around the building.

Stuck at your desk? Stand up frequently or at least lean back in your chair and stretch.

When you drive to the store, emphasize parking in the space farthest from the door, not the closest. Better yet, ride a bike with a big basket.

Wash your own car instead of driving it through a carwash. Wax it, too, even if it already looks shiny.

Join a recreational sports team. Basketball. Volleyball. Softball. Bowling. Bocci. Don’t worry, the activity can be age-appropriate.

Keep a clean house. Vacuuming, dusting and cleaning up clutter all burn calories, too.

Weed the garden often. Does it make your muscles sore? Apparently the work was needed, in more ways than mere cultivation.

When you play music at home … dance. It’s a fun way to shed the pounds without feeling as if you’re working too hard.

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Gary Brown has written articles and columns for About periodically since the publication’s inception, including pieces on books, recreational sports and historical subjects. A columnist and staff writer for The Repository, Brown enjoys such outdoor pursuits as golfing, sailing, skiing, biking and hiking. An avid student of the arts, he also uses those activities to inspire watercolor paintings.

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