Fall Fashion Forecast

In with the cold, out with the old. That’s the seasonal mantra for style trends for fall, and local boutique owners are welcoming it with open arms.

Cozy, oversized and easy to wear

In with the cold, out with the old. That’s the seasonal mantra for style trends for fall, and local boutique owners are welcoming it with open arms.


COMFY GLAM Waffle-knit hooded cardigan with statement pearls at Laura of Pembroke.
COMFY GLAM Waffle-knit hooded cardigan with statement pearls at Laura of Pembroke.
The fashion forecast shows all good news with regard to trend-worthy shifts. This season’s style staples are all about comfort— oversized tops and scarves, graphic T-shirts, plaid button-ups, leggings, straight-leg jeans—and utility (who ever would have thought the ’90s-born mini backpack would make a comeback?). Local fashionistas also agree that statement jewelry such as plated necklaces, beaded bangles and dangle earrings soon will be joined by slim, feminine pieces on the wrist and neckline.



The oversized silhouette has pushed boundaries far beyond slouchy nightgowns and loungewear, and this hot-right-now look is versatile enough to translate well into your workwear or night-out attire, according to Adriana Reed, the owner of Ms. E’s place in Canton.

Reed said she’s seeing an influx in ponchos, capes and longer, more flowing tops to pair with skinny jeans, leggings and even work slacks.

“You can wear ponchos with dress pants or even skirts, because you can belt them,” Reed said.

Lauren Bosworth, a buyer at Laura of Pembroke in Canton, said these “easy-to- wear” styles are ideal for the crisp fall months.

“We will see lot of oversized coats and outerwear and tons of layers for fall and going into winter—it’s like the more layers, the better because it’s really comfortable for the warm weather,” she said.

PUNCHY PONCHOS Bright, accessorized and oversized ponchos from Ms. E’s Place.
PUNCHY PONCHOS Bright, accessorized and oversized ponchos from Ms. E’s Place.

Magan Mclaughlin, the owner of Dress No Evil in Canton, said she’s seeing less large and more length with regard to seasonal sweaters.

“The knits I see this fall are not terribly oversized, but have some length in them, and have larger knits with a lot of texture— they pair very well over a comfy top or even a button-up.”

Comfort-minded shoppers will appreciate this cozy shift, a nice response to last season’s super-popular structured menswear-minded looks.


It’s no secret that “new” trends often borrow from the old, but this season’s wearables seem to be taking hefty creative license from the Summer of Love.

VINTAGE INSPIRED Vintage buttons and details make this classic coat very “now” from Laura of Pembroke.
VINTAGE INSPIRED Vintage buttons and details make this classic coat very “now” from Laura of Pembroke.

“Some of the stuff that I’m seeing is folky—some people call it bohemian or bohemian-inspired. You’ll see a lot of big flowers and gypsy canvases,” Reed said.

Native American and Aztec-inspired prints also are back in, dotting leggings, handbags and tops with brightly colored zigzags and geometric shapes. Reed said “upcycling,” or using discarded materials to create clothing, is a catching trend. She noted that she has been seeing handbags made from discarded feed bags, for example.

But Bosworth said this fad isn’t all four decades ago.

“It’s definitely bringing stuff back from what was popular in the past, but more mixing it all together in a comfortable, easy-towear way.”

Mclaughlin said that these punchy, vintage looks need not take over an entire outfit.

“We often wear an eclectic vintage patterned shirt or mini dress with some solid bottoms, a larger knit cardigan or a sweater paired with leather boots and knit thigh highs and some basic jewelry like a simple chain necklace,” she said.


Fur, lace, leather and metal—these are today’s most fashion-forward style ingredients. A touch of texture may be just what your wardrobe needs to achieve its best possible aesthetic. Bosworth said lace is no longer pigeonholed to hippie looks, and leather no longer to bikers. Now designers are pairing fabrics and mixing and matching for a high-fashion hodge-podge look.

CASUAL LAYERS Denim, fur and metal layer up for a casual fall look from Ms. E’s Place.
CASUAL LAYERS Denim, fur and metal layer up for a casual fall look from Ms. E’s Place.
“Leather is kind of like a staple, and now it’s being mixed with other fabrics, like leather and lace together,” she said.

Fur also is on the up, according to the boutique owners.

“I see a newer trend in furs,” Mclaughlin said. “Furs allow a top layer with usually an incomparable texture that immediately is chic and fashionable.”

Mclaughlin added that fur-lovers don’t need to shy away from this style due to ethics.

“There is a great surge in designers and companies that have vegan and faux options that don’t compromise quality and look.”


“The 1990s have resurrected with a denim trend. Denim vests, button-ups, shorts, jackets—denim everything. I personally love denim when it is done right. Everything from a nice clean, starched denim to a soft and thin paper denim. It adds a new texture to your outfit, and it usually is just basic enough to throw over or under your layers so as to not compete with everything else you are wearing,” Mclaughlin said.

Bosworth said that while she doesn’t see the skinny jeans craze dissipating anytime soon, jeans are starting to take a looser, more laid-back approach.

“Straight-leg denim is coming back,” she said. “The difference is around the ankle— it’s not completely flush to your ankle, it’s a bit looser but still a straight leg.”


“Major trends (for fall) include vegan leather accents, moto jackets in various colors, printed leggings, mixed fabrics and prints, plain front with detail back and trouser jeans.”

Rebecca Paliswat, Mainstream Boutique
1977 E. Maple St., North Canton

“This fall it’s all about graphic tees and trying new, unique ways to style them. Whether it’s cuffing the sleeves on a basic crewneck or adding a statement necklace or other statement pieces, it’s about making it your own. Other fall trends include plaid everything, small dainty jewelry that’s almost overlooked and wrap coats.”

Lyndsey Hill, b.Lovely,
online at www.shopblovely.com

“You are going to see a lot of fun bold prints for fall 2014. Even if on the most casual pieces, bright, loud, novelty prints bring looks to life.”

Kristy Stewart, Sugar Loves Spice,
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