Dori Heck was a small beach town girl from Los Angeles living in New York City when she decided to move to Massillon.

“I honestly had no idea what I was getting involved in,” Heck recalls of the decision to move to her husband’s hometown in 2001. “I knew I wanted to have more than one kid and wanted to stay home with them. Massillon allowed us to do that. It was lot cheaper than New York City.”

Their son, Quinton, was 2 years old at the time. Soon, Danny (now 15) and Lily (now 11) followed. (Quinton recently left for the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy in New York.)

Heck said as Lily began to get older, she looked for different ways to be a good role model for the little girl who looked up to her.

“I couldn’t tell my daughter to go be what you want to be in the world if I wasn’t doing it myself,” Heck said.

Heck began hosting canvas painting classes and private parties at the Massillon Museum, where attendants could drink wine while making art.

“I would have the parties on Saturday nights and have all of this leftover wine,” said Heck, who already sold clothes online. “People would come over on Sunday to drink sangria on the porch and then would pursue the clothes that I was selling. … One day, Lily said, ‘It’s like you have a lemonade stand only with sangria.’ ”

Heck opened The Sangria Stand at 39 Lincoln Way E in 2014.

“It’s been cool because Lily gets to be with me the whole way,” said Heck, who added that Lily recently taught her first painting class to some older children. “It’s a great way for me to hang out with her.”

The business has developed into a unique three-part retail environment. Heck has expanded the women’s clothing and accessories she sells, has added a wine bar that specializes in sangria made with fresh and organic juices while also providing a yoga classes and her signature art and wine classes and parties.


Favorite restaurant:
“My family has had some of our best memories at The Winery at Perennial Vineyards in Navarre. Our dinners last for hours! We eat, we drink and we laugh. It’s an incredible experience.”

Local business owner you admire:
Ernie Lehman from Ernie’s Bicycle Shops. “He created a job, an ‘authentic’ way of life, that he loves, and it shows. There is no selling out to the next best thing. He has confidence in the simplicity of his business plan.”

Favorite date night:
“Matt and I walk downtown Massillon. We leave our house, walk to get dinner and cocktails at Kozmo’s Grille, see a few friends at the Alibi Lounge and then say good night to Jackie at Benders Restaurant before we walk back home. It is my favorite kind of night. Now that Jen’s Place opened up next door, you can find us there a lot, also.”

Most memorable spot:
“I thoroughly enjoy the towpath. Whether we are walking, riding our bikes or canoeing, I have so much fun. My family has made some incredible memories on that path, over the last 15 years. All three of my children learned how to ride their bikes there. To this day, when I say, ‘Let’s go get ice cream,’ they think of riding out to the creamery in Canal Fulton. I just spent my last birthday canoeing with 25 of my closest friends and family; it was unforgettable!”

Favorite place to shop:
Arrowhead Vintage and Handmade Goods. “I can spend days perusing the shelves and thumbing through the fun.”

Favorite spot to grab a drink:
The Barrel Room in North Canton. “After a long day or a long week, I know I can go in there, and Keri or Stephanie will know what I need before I do. Sometimes, I just need someone to make a decision for me.”

Favorite theater:
Lions Lincoln Theatre in Massillon. “My family loves that theater so much. We had our Christmas picture taken there last year. We saw ‘Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid’ there, and Danny, my son, laughed so hard during ‘National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation,’ the crowd was dying. He was probably 5 at the time.”

Favorite volunteer opportunity:
“The Boys & Girls Club of Massillon is our family’s prime local focus. Matt is on the board, and they let me sit in on the auction committee. The Boys & Girls Club is more than a volunteer opportunity, it’s very personal for our family. I imagine my boys when they get older finding a way to volunteer there themselves.”