Social media is more than Facebook. Just ask social media maven Ryan Hollingsworth, director of social media for Grabowksi & Co., a marketing and communications agency in Stark County that helps businesses throughout Northeast Ohio and across the United States.

She coaches businesses on social media with regard to the best practices and content strategies.




Social media is a phrase used to define a group of online applications that allow for social interaction, to create and share content or to participate in social networking.

“I help businesses create and refine their social media strategy,” Hollingsworth said.

Explaining, she said she often advises her clients on what social media networks would work best for them and helps them get started. For those businesses already using social media, she helps refine their content and align it more with who they are and what they want to say.

Hollingsworth doesn’t know what a typical day at the office is like, since no two days are alike for her.

“An average day in my life really varies, depending on my customers. Every day is different based on the clients I work with,” she said. “Right now, I am helping a university, an outdoor furniture company, a virtual radiology group, a law firm, small businesses and nonprofits with their social media. I talk or meet with them regularly to develop a social media game plan.”

Her goal, she said, is to make her customers feel comfortable using social media in their day-to-day work.

“It is usually a very foreign territory for many businesses, so I coach them on how to use it and what kind of content to write. I also brainstorm ideas with the team here at Grabowski & Co. to come up with creative ways for organizations to tell their stories through social media.”

When Hollingsworth mentions social media, often her clients think Facebook. “I do some of that, but I also open their eyes to many of the other social media networks they could be using,” she said. “I am a really big fan of Twitter because it is all about a conversation. A lot of businesses use Twitter. It gives you access to just about any organization whenever you want on Twitter.”

She also likes LinkedIn, the largest professional social media network. It is great for posting jobs and recruiting. She also helps organizations with Instagram and Pinterest, which are both visual networks.


Hollingsworth always has been a fan of the media, be it newspapers, movies, TV or technology. Her first job was as a newspaper reporter for The Times-Reporter in New Philadelphia, then communications and social media manager at Akron-Canton Airport.

“I helped start the airport’s social media and discovered that I loved working in this area, and began helping some other nonprofit organization I was involved with and
friends and colleagues with their social media. I then thought, I could probably do this full time,” she said.

She continued, noting that she always is observing what big brands are doing in social media. “That is where I first notice what’s new and different, and it helps me think of new ideas. I don’t allow myself to think small. I think big when it comes to social media content and am not afraid to try new things.”


Looking beyond Facebook, here is a list of Ryan Hollingsworth’s top picks for social media:

  • TWITTER. It is all about conversation.
  • LINKEDIN. Largest professional social media network. Great for posting jobs and recruiting.
  • INSTAGRAM. Easy to use and all about the photos. If you work with students and young people, you need to be there because they are.
  • PINTEREST. It’s a lifestyle network. Think home, DIY, fashion and travel.
  • VINE. Great for short videos.
  • YOUTUBE. Has more active users than other video platforms.
  • TUMBLR. Young people are there, and it is turning into a blogging platform.
  • GOOGLE+. More valuable and more visible in search results.

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