Day in the Life: Rudi Hiney, director of personal training and specialized exercise programs

From working one-on-one with clients to doing administrative-type work, Rudi Hiney keeps busy every day. Hiney is director of the personal training and specialized exercise programs at the North Canton YMCA.

From working one-on-one with clients to doing administrative-type work, Rudi Hiney keeps busy every day. Hiney is director of the personal training and specialized exercise programs at the North Canton YMCA.

“Every day is different and that is why I love what I do and the people I work with,” she said. “No two clients are alike.”

She also has a lot of administrative-type work, so her day is not all client-based.


A certified personal trainer generally works one-on-one with someone regardless of his or her fitness goal, be it to improve strength, core conditioning, sport conditioning, weight loss or everyday balance.

“My day begins with checking phone calls, emails and that kind of administrative thing. Then I do have clients on my schedule, which changes on a daily basis,” said the six-year employee of the Y. She was named director of personal training and specialized exercise in 2013. “Most of my clients are young, and they go all the way up to 90.”

She said one of the favorite pieces of equipment is the Y’s TRX, a suspension band training based on body weight exercises. “I use this a lot with my clients who want to strengthen their core.”

Sometimes a client comes in who has had hip and knee issues, so machines like the leg press and leg curl help to strengthen those body parts, she said.

The cable column is another machine she and her clients like to work with.

“You can work upper and lower body on the universal (cable column),” she said. “It helps you work opposing muscle groups, working on balance and posture.

“I like to change up their routines to create muscle confusion,” she said. “We do this every time we get together.”

She does not meet with them every time they go to the Y unless they have questions about and-or need help with the machines. Her job is to help her clients get the most out of their workout for the areas they want to work on. How often they meet depends on the client’s needs. The goal, she said, is to keep her clients engaged, help them exercise every part of their body through a dynamic workout, and keep them coming back.

As a personal trainer, she said, it is her job to help her clients understand not only how the equipment works, but also how it can help them achieve their goal, especially for those who have never worked out.

“I want them to love what they are doing,” she said, noting that administrative work and planning workouts for her clients are only part of the job.


Hiney’s job as a personal trainer isn’t her only responsibility. Her job includes the Living Strong, Living Well Cancer Wellness Program, a Parkinson’s class and an Exercise for the Physically Challenged Program.

“The Living Well Program is for adult cancer survivors,” she said. “We focus on strength, balance and endurance.”

She and the clients also work with a registered dietitian through the Aultman North Canton Medical Group to help with nutritional guidance.

The Parkinson’s class focuses on flexibility, strength and endurance. The Physically Challenged Program offers light cardiovascular and strengthening workouts and can be done sitting or standing.


Hiney is the mother of three boys, whose schedules, she said, have become “more intense as they have gotten older. The Y is very embracing of family, and that was a great draw for me. This (her job) has been very conducive for family life.”

She starts her day sometimes as early as 5 a.m. and works some Saturdays, but mostly it is a Monday through Friday, 8 to 5 job.

“This Y has so much to offer, and my time here has been incredible. I love what I do. It is my passion to work with everyone and help them meet their goals. It is not a job to come into work. I am excited to come in every day to see what the day has in store for me. It has been incredible. I not only get to know my clients as a client, but as a friend too.”

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