On any given day, Jill Pavia could travel around the world, visiting North or South America, Europe, even China. Owner of Dr. Trips Travel, Pavia is a specialist in Mexico, Punta Cana, and many Caribbean destinations. Well-traveled herself, with trips to Italy and more than 75 trips to Mexico, Pavia has developed mad skills for matching travelers to trips.

“It is all in a day’s work,” she said. “We never know where our work will take us.”

With that said, Pavia said some days her phone never stops ringing, and on others, her office on 30th Street NW in Canton can be filled with clients ready to plan their vacations.

“Some days it is both,” she laughed.



day_pavia_mainNEWTravel agencies are very relevant these days, she said. “It’s the personal service. When the Internet boom got started back in the ’90s, it seemed like some of them (clients) went away for a little while, but they came back because they missed the personal service they get from a travel agent. They like the fact that we go the extra mile, and if they get stranded somewhere we will get them out of a jam. They also like the fact that when they call us we speak English.”

Pavia said it just makes sense to use travel agents because they have been to the resorts, they’ve been to the destinations, they are well-traveled, and they will be sure you get to the right hotel and help you plan whatever activity you want.

“Why would you want to do all the work when we will do it for you and we don’t charge any fees?” she asked.


There really isn’t a typical day, Pavia said. “Every day is an adventure.

day_globe“Today I got here, the phone was ringing nonstop, and I had 12 messages,” she said. “Most of our work is done over the phone and via email.”

A typical Saturday, she said, is either going to be totally empty or packed because clients can’t come during the week.

“Our day starts at 9 and ends at 5, but sometimes we are here until 8 to get our work done,” she said. “We just never really know. When we get to the office, we don’t have a planned day. We are all over the world every single day.”

She said someone may call to plan a trip to Disney World, another wants to go to Vegas, somebody else wants to go to Italy and another may want to go on a river cruise. “Every day is unique.”

Tina Tiano, sales director for Apple Vacations, said, “Jill is one of our top producers in the entire state for Apple Vacations.”

It is no surprise to Pavia’s sister, Dana Sedlacko, who works at the agency along with two outside salesmen, that she is a success.

“Jill loves to travel and has made it her business to send people to their dream destinations,” Sedlacko said.

To reach Pavia, call 330-493-8600 or visit www.drtrips.com.

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