day_christopher0450Things are speeding up at the North Pole, and Santa and his elves are busy getting ready for the holidays. Even Santa’s first children’s elf, Christopher Pop-In-Kins, is excited for them to come, because for him, it means being able to visit with children all over the world.

So, what does he do during the rest of the year? I recently spent a day with Christopher at the North Pole, and I asked him what a typical day is like for him.

He told me he likes to do a lot of things children do.





“Oh my goodness! I am so excited to be here,” said the elf. “Each year, Santa sends me out to children’s homes all over the world. I hide in all kinds of places so I can pop in and play games with kids until Christmas Eve. I get to meet so many wonderful children before I return to the North Pole on Christmas Eve to tell Santa everything I learned.”

Christopher enjoys his visits to children’s homes but has to stay away from little hands because, he said, if he is touched, he has to pop back to the North Pole to get his magic restored.


“I am a magical elf,” he said. “I can’t be touched. I know some children can’t resist giving me a big hug, but when that happens, I have to go back to recover my magic or I won’t be able to pop back in and visit again!”

Before he starts his visits each year, Christopher said, he stays at the North Pole, practicing his hide-and-seek skills with the other elves and reindeer.


“Rudolph is so easy to find with that bright nose of his,” he giggled. “I stay super busy. With everyone’s help, I come up with all kinds of new places to hide.

I also love eating candy, building snowmen, going on sleigh rides with my sister, Christina, replying to children who write to me and helping Santa prepare for Christmas.”

But what about during the summer?

“It always snows at the North Pole,” said Christopher. “Sometimes, me, and the penguins, and the polar bears visit the beach and talk to the fish.”

There always is something to do at the North Pole, said the famous elf. To learn more about him, visit


“There you can get my story, print coloring pages and learn all about Christopher Pop-In-Kins, Santa’s very first children’s elf!”

Christopher Pop-In-Kins will be in Canton on December 4 for Light Up Downtown Canton, and will stay somewhere secret to attend the Wm. McKinley Presidential Library & Museum’s open house December 5. For more information about the museum’s event or to make a reservations, call the museum at 330-455-7043.

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