Clary House: A place to relax and renew

It’s clear that Clary House in Massillon has relaxation in mind for its clients. If you need evidence, consider that the spa offers luxury foot soaks in a quiet foot soak lounge.

It’s clear that Clary House in Massillon has relaxation in mind for its clients. If you need evidence, consider that the spa offers luxury foot soaks in a quiet foot soak lounge.

“You come to Clary House to relax and to leave refreshed,” says a promise made on the Clary House website, “We will do everything to make sure that is your reality.”

Clary House signage lists three options for clients coming to the spa.

“Massage. Soak. Shop.”

The first is the favored service at the spa.

“A lot of our appointments are for whole body and deep tissue massages and hot stone therapy,” said Erin Buttacavoli, the lead massage therapist and owner of Clary House.

Providing massage appointments that relax, instead of stressing clients out, was the reason Buttacavoli founded Clary House a year ago, she said.

“I worked at another spa before this, and it almost made me never want to work at one again. It was so chaotic, running appointments back-to-back,” she explained. “But, it was very good I worked that way first because I was very clear on what we did not want to have happen at Clary House.”

That vision of creating a calming environment led directly to the foot soaking lounge, the owner recalled.

“What makes our business unique is we do a lot of aromatherapy foot soaks,” she said. “You come in and we give you a nice menu of aromatherapy. It includes a 20-minute foot and leg massage, and then you sit in essential oils and relax for a bit. Then we wrap your feet in hot towels. The whole service is 45 minutes.”

Soothing sounds in the soaking lounge provide a restful atmosphere, making it a place of respite from the sometimes worrisome responsibilities of life.

“I think what sets us apart are these foot soaks,” said Buttacavoli. “I can’t think of anybody who has anything like our lounge.”

Family enters into the decision-making for the client-oriented direction of the spa, including input from Buttacavoli’s husband. But, the owner’s decade of experience in the field since her graduation from Ohio College for Massage Therapy is the steady hand guiding the development of Clary House.

“My heart is in the massage,” she said. “That’s what I’ve been doing the last 10 years.”

The owner’s friend and business counsel, Brandy Kolek, offers advice for the operation of the spa’s retail shop, located conveniently in Clary House at 2137 Wales Avenue NW, Suite 3, near where Massillon and Jackson Township meet.

“We make all of our lotions, soaps, salts and essential oils,” said Buttacavoli. “We have a lot of ready-to-use solutions, but we also sell individual custom oils. We take a lot of time developing them. A lot of heart and soul goes into serving each client.”

Growth in the retail side of the spa has been steady, said Buttacavoli.

“People are beginning to realize that we’re here.”

Many area individuals already are using essential oils and soaps, said the owner of Clary House. But they are just becoming accustomed to the added benefits of consulting with Clary House technicians.

“You can order essential oils online, but you’re not always going to get someone who helps you determine what will best work for you,” said Buttacavoli. “Having a store where people can try them and smell them is a different experience than just pushing an order button online, regardless of whether you are new to essential oils or have been using essential oils in the past.”

Clary House | 2137 Wales Ave. NW, Suite 3, Massillon | 330-775-7275 |

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