You likely have seen the handiwork of Bryan Rice’s team outside some of Northeast Ohio’s popular destinations and most beautiful homes. In Stark County, the team at Rice’s brought color and life to the parking lot area of the expanded Pro Football Hall of Fame. It created a rooftop garden at the Canton Christian Home and a soothing and scenic therapy garden at the Aultman West Immediate Care Center.

You even may have even seen the team featured on HGTV’s “Rehab Addict” roughly a year ago for overhauling the front and back yard of a home that was rehabilitated by the LeBron James Family Foundation. James, the star of the Cleveland Cavaliers, also is one of Rice’s prominent residential landscaping clients.

Rice, along with his brother, Kevin Rice, has been leading Rice’s for the past 15 years. They have helped modernize and expand what began as their grandfather’s small lawn and landscaping business in 1941.

As part of a new rebranding effort, the company previously called Rice’s Nursery & Landscaping now is known simply as Rice’s. Its new tagline is “Landscapes redefined,” reflecting the business’ focus on its custom-designed landscapes and maintenance services for its residential and commercial clients. It still will maintain its garden center, which has been renamed the spring garden showroom, and will display plants from March to July, similarly to how cars are displayed in a showroom.


partnparcel_tree1. Paperbark maple tree
Rice first spotted the tree at Ohio State University’s Chadwick Arboretum while he was a student at the university. “It has a beautiful cinnamon-colored bark that exfoliates so there’s interest in the winter,” he said. “… In the fall, its red color is incredible.” You can find a few paperbark maple trees planted at Rice’s, which also sells between five and 10 of them a year. Rice also has planted the tree in his yard.

2. Pro Football Hall of Fame
Rice recalls visiting Canton’s shrine to football as a child but says he enjoys it even more now as an adult. “I get to go through it with my son, J.T., and my wife, Tracy, and see them go through and enjoy it,” he said. “It is definitely a cool memory and a favorite.”

3. Jerry’s Seafood Special
Rice says when guests come to town, he likes to take them to Bender’s Tavern in Canton. Every time he visits, he says, he always orders the same thing. “Whatever Jerry’s picks are,” said Rice, referring to owner Jerry Jacob’s seafood specials.

part_palace4. Canton Palace Theatre
“It’s a wonderful theater and always a treat going in,” Rice said.

5. The parks
With Veterans’ Community Park and the Middle Branch Trail north of the business, Rice said, the park system is one of Stark County’s best assets. “Not that I’m a huge user of the parks, but I see the benefit and values,” Rice said. “I get enjoyment out of seeing other people getting outside and appreciating it.”

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