Q: What is going in where the bank used to be on Cleveland Avenue?
I am going to assume you mean the old PNC branch bank on Cleveland Avenue and 34th Street NW. Grab yourselves some java beans, folks. You probably recognize the familiar gray brick coloring.

That will be the site of a brand new Starbucks, according to Rob Brown, director of operations for DeVille Developments. That Starbucks won’t open until after the first of the year.
Brown did say he believes the Starbucks being relocated in Belden Village to Dressler will be open before January 1.

By the sound of things, it looks like 2017 could bring yet at least one more Starbucks to Stark County. And why not? The Starbucks in Washington Square is generally one of the best producing Starbucks in Northeast Ohio.

asktodd_parkQ: What’s going on at Arboretum Park off Westmoreland Avenue NW? Is it being torn up and surveyed?
—Tim in Canton
Actually the park isn’t being torn up. It’s being rebuilt in a manner of speaking. You may remember because of Hall of Fame Village development, the developer of that project needed to build on some wetlands. As part of negotiations with the city of Canton, the developer has agreed to more than replace the wetlands needed for the property. What is happening at Arboretum Park is a result of the mitigation from that. Hall of Fame Village developers are adding 2.5 acres of wetlands for every 1 acre impacted by development.

More than 2,000 trees have been planted in Arboretum Park. The disc golf course there will not lose any holes but will be redirected around the wetlands. In addition to the forested wetlands, educational signage will be erected and the removal of invasive species will take place. Arboretum Park was selected because it collects storm water and drains in the West Branch of the Nimishillen Creek.

“It is going to take several years for it to develop, but once it’s done, it should be beautiful,” said Derek Gordon, director of Canton’s Parks and Recreation Department.

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