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What is the tallest building in Stark County? You actually could win a lot of bets with this question because most people would say the Chase Tower in downtown Canton, the one with the Canton Club on top of it. And they used to be right.

Q: What is the tallest building in Stark County?
You actually could win a lot of bets with this question because most people would say the Chase Tower in downtown Canton, the one with the Canton Club on top of it. And they used to be right.

Until TimkenSteel’s Faircrest Plant added a new jumbo bloom vertical caster. The structure is 20 stories and tops out at 206 feet and 7 inches, according to TimkenSteel. The Chase Tower is about 175 feet. There is another 90 feet below ground of the caster.

asktodd_beerQ: Where can I get the cheapest beer at a bar in Stark County?
I know as soon as I write this, someone will have found something cheaper. I dare you to find a cheaper beer in Stark County than the $1.25 draft at American Legion. Even if you throw in the $35 annual membership, it’s like an extra 10 cents a day to drink there. George’s Lounge on Cleveland Avenue has nine beers for $2, and those beers are $1 on Thursdays from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. (think PBR and Old English).

Q: What would my $600-a-month rent buy me in Cleveland, Chicago, New York?
Ha. In New York, you couldn’t even get a closet. Literally.
According to, a 470-square foot studio apartment with one bedroom was $3,445 a month. In the city, it looks like the average is about $7.50/square foot.

In Cleveland, you’ll spend anywhere from $800 to $1,500 to live downtown or close to downtown. Those prices are usually one-bedroom.

Chicago isn’t nearly as bad as New York, but rent at top-tier buildings in downtown are about $3 a square foot. So you could get a 700-square foot, one bedroom for about $2,100 a month.

asktodd_goalQ: I saw a picture on your Twitter of the yellow goal posts near the Pro Football Hall of Fame that are decorative power-line towers. I’m curious where you took that picture that doesn’t show I-77 in it because the wires stretch across the interstate.
That is the magic of positioning the camera to capture the angle of the photo. The picture was taken when the posts were first built. The photo was taken from 17th Street NW, between C.T. Branin Natatorium and Don Scott Field. I-77 is still there, it is just obstructed by the road. The highway is slightly below the grade of the road.

asktodd_parkQ: People always complain about parking downtown. How many parking spaces are there? How many are there in Belden Village? When do you have to pay to park downtown?
Well, that’s more than one question, and since this is a bonus “Ask Todd” bonanza, we will allow the three-part question.
There are an estimated 950 metered parking spots in downtown Canton, according to the city. That does not include the privately operated parking decks. That estimate comes from the meter enforcement crew, which hoofs it all over town collecting the change from meters. As to when do you have to put money in the meters? Well, we will let this be our secret because the city wants to collect as much money as it can. However, you do not have to put money in the meters after 4:30 p.m., and there is no need to put money in the meters before 7:30 a.m. because no one is enforcing during those hours. How does this compare to Belden Village Mall? Not well. The mall has plenty more parking spots at 4,064.

asktodd_mckinleyQ: If William McKinley were alive today, would he have a chance at the presidency?
I believe William McKinley would have a chance to be the president if he ran today, and for several reasons. McKinley was a Civil War hero, the last president who served in the war. In addition to serving his country, he knew first-hand the ills of war. The fact that he was a member of the U.S. Congress and then Ohio governor would have made him more qualified to run for president than Barack Obama, Donald Trump and George W. Bush. McKinley was the first president to distribute news to the media as well, so he was ahead of the curve in using media outlets to get his word out. I do believe McKinley in 2016 would have a tough question to answer about his first term. The Spanish-American War started in large part because the USS Maine was sunk. It was thought to have been sunk by a Spanish mine, and McKinley convinced Congress for war authorization. However, an explosion in the ship’s engine room caused it to sink, which wasn’t known until years later.

McKinley was very well-liked at the time of his assassination in 1901. In addition to the monument to him in Canton, there’s another in Maryland, one in Buffalo (where he was shot), a statue in front of the Ohio Statehouse and seven high schools named after him.

And if he ran this year, he’d get elected. That’s not saying much, though. So would Millard Fillmore.

Q: Any guesses on who they’ve chosen to headline the Concert for Legends?
This is a question I get a lot during the year. I think it is important to keep in mind the Pro Football Hall of Fame wants to secure acts that have some sort of exclusivity to them. In other words, the Hall of Fame doesn’t want to book an act that will be making another appearance in Ohio in the same year. The Hall only does one mega-concert right now. The A-list acts the Hall brings in cost a good deal of money. So the act has to be able to justify and sell an average ticket of about $100 or so.

Some of the names I keep hearing tossed around on the short list are Bon Jovi, Kenny Chesney, Carrie Underwood and the one that I personally would pay $150 or more a ticket to see is Billy Joel. These acts cost $1 million or close to it to bring in for a one-off performance, meaning it isn’t part of a tour. Those aren’t cheap acts, which, in turn, means those aren’t cheap tickets.

asktodd_hallQ: What three places would you take someone who never has been to Stark?
The first place you have to go is the Pro Football Hall of Fame. I mean, it is what put Stark County on the map. Besides, if you’re like most people in Stark County, it may be your first trip there. And you could check the impressive progress on Hall of Fame Village.

After the Hall of Fame, I think another place that is a must visit is Gervasi Vineyard. I’m not a big fan of wine (there are plenty of other options), but every time I have been to Gervasi, I felt like I was on vacation in another part of the country. It is a serene and relaxing place to visit.

The third place to visit is kind of difficult to pin down. It depends on what it is the person who is visiting is interested in. Glenmoor Country Club is as good a golf course as there is, and there is a spa on the grounds there as well. Looking at the view of Canton from atop the Chase Tower is breathtaking. Checking out the arts scene in downtown Canton always impresses people who never have been there. Another place to go is Beech Creek Botanical Garden & Nature Preserve in Alliance.

Q: Who is the most famous person from Stark County?
This is a very subjective question, and I know as soon as I answer it, I’ll get emails saying you forgot about Dan Dierdorf, or Len Dawson, or Alexandra Bartee (Who? Exactly).

I think any list of Stark County’s most famous people has to start with William McKinley. He was a popular president, although he didn’t start out that way, who was assassinated shortly into his second term. He was Ohio’s governor, and he looked out for Stark County in that role. Then there are a lot of other people, and in no particular order.

Jack Paar was born in Canton in 1918 and hosted “The Tonight Show” for six years. Marilyn Manson graduated from GlenOak and has sold more than 55 million records. Macy Gray has a Grammy Award and has been on the big screen. Then I think you would have to consider William R. Timken Jr., former president, CEO and chairman of the board of directors for The Timken Co. He also served as ambassador to Germany. He generally is credited with moving the company into the modern era. He is the great-grandson of Henry Timken, founder of the company.

As far as sports celebrities, I’m not sure if there are any bigger than Thurman Munson. He was beloved by those in New York and nearly 40 years after his tragic death, he still is fondly remembered.

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