Ask Todd About … Home Addresses

Q: How did we come up with the system of numbering houses? Why are they addressed 1500, instead of 1, 2 or 3 Main Street?

Q: How did we come up with the system of numbering houses? Why are they addressed 1500, instead of 1, 2 or 3 Main Street?

A: A long time ago, when folks were living in glorified communes, it was relatively easy to tell someone where Mrs. Smith lived because there was only one Mrs. Smith (until, well, you know), and they could point. Then as, you know, the population started to grow, there became more than one Mrs. Smith. Plenty of other Joneses, as well. You couldn’t just deliver something to Aunt Bee’s house.

The system of numbering actually took off in Prussia to keep track of troops.

In the U.S., most regions assign a number to a structure that is proportional to the distance of some baseline. If you’ve ever driven along the Florida Keys, house numbers indicate the distance from Mile Marker 0 in Key West. In rural areas, house numbers may be 1000 for each mile from the center. Typically, odd numbered structures are on one side of the street and evens on the other.

In Canton, and most cities, the 1200 block of a street—such as Market Avenue—is at the corner of 12th and that street, Market in this case. Addresses increase by 100 for each cross street. Ancient city planners had the foresight to plan for the fact that we probably wouldn’t build more than 100 homes between blocks.

ask_flightsQ: How many flights come in and go out of the Akron-Canton Airport each day?

A: There is no easy way to answer this because no two days are identical at the airport. It is important to keep in mind, while plenty of commercial flights occupy the airport, there are also private flights coming and leaving, as well. According to Rick McQueen, the president and CEO of Akron-Canton Airport, on average there are 155 general aviation and corporate flights a day. In November, after Spirit Airlines begins service, there will be about 33 commercial flights each day.

According to federal aviation studies, the most frequently traveled-to city from CAK is Atlanta. Between June 2015 and May 2016, about 234,000 passengers made Atlanta the busiest traveled route. Next was Charlotte with 102,000.


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