Ask Todd About … the wealthiest person

Q: Who is the wealthiest person from Stark County? A: This isn’t an easy question to answer, but there are some educated guesses out there.

Q: Who is the wealthiest person from Stark County?

A: This isn’t an easy question to answer, but there are some educated guesses out there. For starters, you would think W.R. Timken Jr., the former ambassador to Germany, would be near the top of this list. Pinning down his net worth is next to impossible because there aren’t any recent public documents.

So let’s move on to celebrities and athletes. Marilyn Manson, who graduated from GlenOak High School as Brian Warner, is worth about $25 million, according to several websites that think they have a gauge on this sort of thing.

But the best guess is likely Kosta Koufos, another GlenOak graduate. Koufos is an NBA player with the Sacramento Kings. He has played eight years in the NBA, and he will have earned more than $32 million the last four years. Of course, that doesn’t translate to net worth, either. However, given that Koufos earned more than $20 million the first four seasons, I’m guessing he’s sitting in a nice place, north of $25 million.

Last summer, C.J. McCollum—another GlenOak graduate—signed a four-year contract extension with the Portland Trailblazers that will bring him $106 million over those four years. McCollum is making about $3.2 million this year. The first year of his extension starts next season, which will pay him nearly $24 million season alone.

What is the longest trail in the Stark Parks system?

A: You would think one of these times an answer would be pretty straightforward, eh? There are two answers to this question. The longest of any of the trails in the Stark Parks system is the Congressman Ralph Regula Towpath Trail. It stretches 25 miles through Stark County. Of course, the Towpath Trail is 110 miles and isn’t confined to just Stark County. The entire trail runs from Cleveland to New Philadelphia.

However, what I think you’re really asking is what is the longest of the trails confined among the Stark Parks Trails. If that’s the case, the Walborn Reservoir has 7.1 miles of trails.

Todd, how in the world did Hillary Clinton lose to Donald Trump?

A: Well here in the United States we have what’s called electoral college. I’m assuming you know that already.

There aren’t any facts to point to for the reason why Trump won and Clinton, lost. However, a look at historical voting data tells some of the story.

There are some key themes to why Clinton lost the election. First, and it was said often, she didn’t draw the kind of crowds that Barack Obama drew in either 2008 or 2012. That means the Democratic base lacked enthusiasm for her.

Trump did a good job of two things: making this election a referendum on “the establishment,” and running a campaign that was anything but establishment.

The other thing, and maybe biggest blunder of the election, is Clinton took some battleground state for granted. She lost Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana and Michigan because she didn’t put enough time into those states. Of those four states, Obama only lost Indiana (once in 2012).

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