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Q. I was with a group of friends walking one evening in downtown Canton, and we pressed the pedestrian crosswalk button. Another friend then pressed it several more times, and a discussion ensued about whether it had an impact on the wait time. Does it?

A. The short answer to this is no. Dan Moeglin, city engineer for Canton, got a little chuckle out of this. “You can push it as many times as you want, but it only takes once to push,” Moeglin said. A more-pressing question was, do they even work? “Oh yes,” Moeglin said. “What happens in the signal control system is once you push the pedestrian button, it triggers pedestrian movement in the timing sequence, and it tends to bring that movement to the forefront of the timing sequence and the traffic light changes.” Since we had Moeglin’s ear, we asked the age-old question of whether pressing the floor button in an elevator makes it get to the floor any faster? Um, no.

Q. What’s with the Panera that is supposed to open in North Canton near the old Hoover plant? The sign has read “coming soon” since last summer.

A. You think it takes a long time to bake a loaf of Panera bread? You have no idea how long it takes to bake a restaurant. This Panera, like all others in Ohio, will be operated by Covelli Enterprises. Additional soil testing was required of the property last year, and Covelli had to resubmit plans to the city of North Canton. By the time it was all approved, winter was approaching, according to North Canton Chamber of Commerce President Doug Lane. Commercial construction costs in the winter months soar. Lane said he’d be concerned if nothing happens this spring.

Q. There are a lot of cool, older homes in Stark County, and there are some nice-looking newer ones. Of all the homes in the county, where is the largest and who owns it?

A. You may be surprised, but this is easier to answer than you may think. According to information available to Stark County Auditor Alan Harold, the largest occupied home in Stark County is in Glenmoor. What’s interesting about this particular home is it is a gated home within a gated community. The home is owned by business tycoon Ben Suarez and his wife, Nancy. It is nearly 19,000 square feet with seven full bathrooms and three half bathrooms, and it overlooks a pond. A recent addition to the home included a bowling alley.

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