AskTodd_2Q. Can you make cheap wine taste like expensive wine?
Yes, and not just by having more than three or four glasses of it. We used a very unscientific method, but nevertheless effective trial in our About magazine wine kitchen. We used a bottle of Between the Vines, a California pinot noir from Scotto Cellars. And while that sounds fancy, it’s about 10 bucks.

The way to enhance the flavor of cheap wine is to put it in a blender for about 60 to 90 seconds. The blender aerates the wine and opens up the flavors.

Using our bottle of Between the Vines, the glass poured straight from the bottle tasted like the bottle should have been wrapped in a brown paper bag. It smacked each of us across the face.

Then, after about 90 seconds in the blender, it was a completely different taste. About editor Kelsey Reinhart said the aerated wine “had more flavor, and it didn’t burn as much. It also tastes a little weaker.” Burn as much? In taste or going down? “Both,” she said.

The consensus is a bottle of wine in a blender makes the cheap stuff a more palate-friendly experience.

Q: Who would appoint if an independent candidate left office?
If a candidate is elected to a public office as an independent, then the governing body appoints the successor. In other words, if a Stark County commissioner were elected as an independent and left before the end of his or her term, then the Stark County commissioners would appoint the successor.

Q: We know Stark County Commissioner Tom Bernabei wants to run for mayor of Canton against William Healy. To do so, he must prove he is no longer a Democrat. If Bernabei becomes mayor, who appoints a new commissioner?
There seems to be some confusion on this. Because Bernabei was elected to his commissioner’s seat as a Democrat, the Stark County Democratic Party would appoint his successor to fill out the remainder of his term if Bernabei is elected mayor.

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