Ask Todd About … Steven Tyler

Todd, I have heard a rumor that Steven Tyler of Aerosmith left an autographed desk with his phone number on it at McKinley High School. Is that true?


Ask_DeskQ: Todd, I have heard a rumor that Steven Tyler of Aerosmith left an autographed desk with his phone number on it at McKinley High School. Is that true?

A: Half.

The Aerosmith front man did sign the underside of a desk at McKinley High School. He took a picture of the signature and tweeted it, telling students to take a picture of it and tag the tweet using #STatMcKinley, and he would Facetime call them. He had only one request.

“No teachers.”

Well, a teacher didn’t end up with it.

Stephen Humphrey, safety and security supervisor for Canton City Schools, found it. Here’s what happened:

As soon as Tyler’s tweet went out, people were trying to get inside McKinley High School. Remember, this happened during summer break. Humphrey assembled a team of people together to look for the desk. After a couple hours of searching every desk on the second floor of the school, someone found it.

“We removed it temporarily,” Humphrey said. “It was Hall of Fame. With everything going on, I didn’t have enough people to worry about someone breaking in and we have a theft situation on our hands.”

Since then, though, the desk has quietly made its way back into a classroom at McKinley High School.

No student has since found the desk or tweeted to Tyler using the hashtag that he or she found the desk, either.

Also, Humphrey and his team discovered Tyler and members of Aerosmith had signed books in the library and also had autographed one of the walls at the school.

“They also signed pictures of themselves and posted them on bulletin boards,” Humphrey said. “Someone got those already.”

Q: what is the most common mistake made by educated people?
Where should I start?
Taking your question at face value, I would have to say the most common “book” mistake educated people make is believing Africa is a country. It is not a country. It is a continent. Sudan is a country on the continent of Africa, just like the United States is a country in North America.

Q: every year at thanksgiving we get together with our family, we have a few drinks the night before the big dinner, and after airing our grievances, the same argument ensues. is it stuffing or dressing?
Ah, there’s nothing like family around the holidays. I take a bottle of wine to deal with mine on Thanksgiving. Believe it or not, there is a difference between stuffing and dressing, and it is rather simple, at least north of the Mason-Dixon line. Around these parts, it is stuffing if it is cooked inside the bird. If it is cooked outside the bird, it is dressing.

Down South, it is called dressing because they don’t like the way stuffing sounds, regardless of where it is cooked.

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