Alisa Wenger and Peter Wassenaar met at a Bible study nearly nine years ago while they were students at The Ohio State University, but they didn’t start dating until January 2010. They were married Sept. 5, 2012, at a civil wedding in Enschede, the Netherlands, and in a church wedding in Denekamp, The Netherlands (church weddings do not have any legal power there, which is the reason for two ceremonies). Their day started when Peter came to pick Alisa up in the morning. Getting flowers for the bride and family members is traditionally the job of the groom there. Unlike in the United States, Alisa said, couples don’t wait to see each other on their wedding day. “I was still very nervous, though, and it was very emotional when he got there,” she said. After a traditional wedding breakfast of raisin bread (called “twentse krentewegge”), the couple and their families traveled to the city hall of Enschede for the civil ceremony, where the vows were done in English first and then Dutch. After eating at a water mill in Denekamp, the newlyweds continued on to their church ceremony. At the end of the full church service, they exchanged vows and rings and the church presented them with a Bible and candle. After that ceremony, they went back to the water mill again for more food, cake and celebrating. Upon returning to the States, the couple held a reception in Alliance for family and friends here.

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