Old School Pizza Review: The best pizza in Stark County?

Jessica Holbrook taste-tests the Deluxe pizza, Margherita pizza, Garlic knots, a Meatball Calzone, the Cobb salad and German Chocolate Cheesecake at Old School Pizza.

Old School Pizza: 4.6/5 stars
Taste: 5/5. Start to finish an excellent meal.
Service: 5/5. Friendly, fast counter service.
Ambiance: 4/4. I loved the old school games.
Concept: 5/5. A step above your typical pizza parlor.
Pricing: 4/5. Not bargain basement pizza and worth the extra dough.

Jessica Holbrook taste-tests the Deluxe pizza, Margherita pizza, Garlic knots, a Meatball Calzone, the Cobb salad and German Chocolate Cheesecake at Old School Pizza.

I don’t want to start any controversy with this review, but I think I just had the best pizza in Stark County.

Old School Pizza, tucked into a small plaza in Jackson Township, opened in 2018. We discovered it at The Canton Repository a year later, and it quickly became an office favorite. We’ve ordered it for farewell parties and election nights. Anytime you spot one of those plain white boxes on the counter, you know you’re in for a great slice.

Despite my admiration, I’d never been to Old School myself. And I was eager to introduce it to my husband, Dave.

For our first foray, I picked up dinner on the way home from work.

The Old World Margherita ($9.95/$15.95) is everything I want in a pizza. I love margherita pizza for its simplicity—cheese, tomato and basil is a near-perfect combination—and find it’s a good barometer for testing new pizza places. Old School passes with flying colors.

The fresh mozzarella and Pecorino Romano has just the right amount of saltiness, the red sauce is flavorful and the basil adds a nice freshness. It’s also a visually appealing pie with splotches of sauce and ribbons of basil. My only suggestion for improvement is upping the amount of fresh basil.

Dave devoured the Deluxe ($11.95/$18.95), which piled mozzarella, pepperoni, sausage, green peppers, fresh mushrooms and red onions on top of a red sauce. He loved the fresh toppings and gooey cheese.

Old School’s pizzas are New York style, with big foldable slices and a chewy crust that I couldn’t get enough of. They’re offered in two sizes, a 10-inch small and a 16-inch large. The large is enough to feed a couple adults for a few days, making the price more justifiable.

We also grabbed an order of garlic knots ($3.95). The bread was nice and soft, and I loved the visible pieces of diced garlic brushed on top, but I wanted a bit more flavor.

I wanted to step away from pizza for a second visit.

Old School seems to function as mainly a carryout place, but it does offer some seating. The interior is clean and fun—it was decorated for Halloween when I stopped by—and it’s stocked with board games and classic video game consoles. I enjoyed watching a group compete in Mario Kart while waiting for my order.

The folks behind the counter were friendly, helpful when I couldn’t decide between two flavors of cheesecake and got everything out quickly.

The Meatball calzone ($7.95) was big enough to share and featured a delicious crust stuffed with homemade meatballs, mozzarella, ricotta and marinara. I loved the meatballs, which were flavorful and moist without being too squishy. The calzone came with a side of marina but really didn’t need the extra sauce. I typically find calzones too dry, but this was a rare exception.

In my experience, most pizza parlors treat salads like an afterthought. Not so here. The Cobb ($8.95) was big, fresh and absolutely covered with toppings. The greens and tomatoes were crisp, the grilled chicken tasted like it just came off the grill, the bacon was crispy and the hard-boiled egg was cooked perfectly. I loved the combination of salty feta with the tangy red wine vinaigrette.

The Cheesy Bread ($4.95) has the same mix of chewy crispiness I loved about the pizza crust, and dipped in marinara was a great accompaniment to the rest of the meal.

I was lucky enough to stop in when Old School had cheesecake in stock, as it’s baked fresh and isn’t available every day. Our slice of German Chocolate cheesecake ($5) was absolutely delicious with creamy, smooth chocolate cake and excellent coconut topping. I almost wish we hadn’t shared a piece. It’s worth being selfish over.

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