Meyers Landing Bar and Grill Review: A lot more than just bar food
Taste: Only a couple things were less-than-great.
Service: Our server was attentive and got everything right.
Ambiance: The outdoor patio beats the inside, but it still overlooks a big parking lot.
Concept: Nothing too original about this sports bar.
Pricing: I thought the food was on the cheap side considering the quality and portion.
3.8Overall Score
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The food at Meyers Landing Bar and Grill is worth the visit, which came as a pleasant surprise to me.

I’m not much of a sports bar fan, and I (incorrectly) had pegged the indoor-outdoor spot in the Meyers Lake Plaza as more of a bar that happened to serve food.

I tried the place twice—once to dine in and once to grab takeout—and I enjoyed my meals both times.

My first visit was on a Thursday after work, before a crowd poured in to watch football games. I took my best friend, Jill, and we picked a table outside on the patio that overlooks the parking lot. Another covered patio for the outdoor bar is connected and runs around the side of the restaurant.

Inside, the restaurant is kind of dark, with a bar, televisions and lottery games along one wall and booths and tables filling the rest of the space. There’s a garage door that looks as if it opens the inside to the outside, but it wasn’t up either night I was there.

On the weeknight Jill and I went, we were the only people outside, but our server was attentive and we received our food quickly.

The menu has appetizers, wings, salads, pizza, wraps and sandwiches, and dinners. That last category ranges from your typical $9 basket of chicken tenders to chicken Parmesan with garlic bread and salad ($13) and a 12-ounce piece of salmon with two sides ($23).

Jill and I started with two orders of boneless wings ($6 for 6), with one order tossed in the teriyaki glaze and the other in the mango habanero glaze. The teriyaki was the winner—the mango wasn’t bad, but it was a little sweet for my taste. We dipped the wings in delicious ranch and chunky blue cheese dressings.

From the appetizer menu, we tried pretzel bites ($7) and the homemade chips ($5). The chips were warm and crispy and were topped with crumbles of blue cheese and drizzled with something called boom boom sauce. (The name is not lying. The sauce was spicier than expected.) The pretzel bites were pretty average—they had been deep-fried to the point that some of the oil pooled in the bottom of the basket—and came with a cup of that liquid yellow cheese that’s served with nachos at sporting events. We still finished them.

For dinner, we picked a sandwich—grilled chicken ($10)—and the breaded jumbo shrimp basket with coleslaw ($10). Both came with fresh-cut fries that were thick and well-seasoned with salt and pepper. The chicken on the sandwich was tender, and the brioche bun added a sweet element that made it our favorite of the two dinners.

The best food I had at Meyers Landing, though, was the food I ordered a week later for takeout. I went with more of an Italian theme and picked the artisan bianco pizza ($9) and a meatball sub ($9).

My first bite of pizza left me shocked at how seriously good it was. The crust was warm and chewy and doughy, and the pizza was garlicky and cheesy. I would go back just to order it. The pizza—which doesn’t have red sauce, just FYI—is oblong and cut into squares and small triangles and has about 10 different-sized pieces. It would work as an appetizer or to split between two people with something else.

The meatball sub (with homemade meatballs) also was excellent. The meatballs were flavorful, the bun was toasty, and the whole thing was covered in a ton of melted cheese.

I did order a steak wrap, too, and it was the least-successful thing I had in both trips. The pieces of steak in my wrap were mostly gristle and fat, which was tough to eat around in wrap format, and there was no discernible sauce or dressing on the wrap to keep it from being dry. It was the only bummer of otherwise good food.

Meyers Landing Bar and Grill is at 1326 Whipple Avenue NW in Canton. Hours are 11 a.m. to midnight Monday through Thursday, 11 a.m. to 2:30 a.m. Friday and Saturday, and 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. Sunday.

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