Tired of your own cooking? Tired of going out to restaurants? Now there’s an alternative that brings gourmet cooking right to your own Stark County kitchen — and all you have to do is eat it.

There are three personal chefs in the county who will come directly to your kitchen to prepare a meal for tonight — and the next couple of days.

Here’s how it works.

Your personal chef will sit down with you, discuss your likes, dislikes and diet needs. From that, the chef does the grocery shopping and prepares dinner for you and your family in your home. Besides tonight’s dinner, they’ll wrap up freshly prepared dinners for the next three to five days.

Tamara Mitchell, the Dine-in-Diva, is one of the area’s first personal chefs. She started her business in 1995. Selftaught, she learned to cook after starting a vegetable garden at her own home. She said her customers include a few families but mostly are single people and couples.

“Basically, they are people too busy to cook, or they have unusual diets and cannot eat at restaurants,” she said.

Paul Forchione of Chef@Home was a kitchen manager at the former Mountain Jack’s restaurant in the Belden Village area and is certified by the American Culinary Federation.

He says he prepares “anything the customer wants.” He has cooked for ill people and those with unusual dietary requirements.

Both chefs bring their own pots, pans and seasonings. After preparing several meals, they clean up and do the dishes, leaving the kitchen as they found it.

“Sometimes it’s cleaner than when we started,” Mitchell said.

Forchione’s favorite dish is a chicken moutard, a dijon-cream sautéed breast with mushrooms and brandy.

Mitchell likes to experiment with “fresh ingredients, fresh flavors.”

She also does wine tastings and small parties.

Cost for the service can vary depending on the dinners being prepared. Forchione charges by the cost of the groceries.

“I multiply it by 2.5 times for my work. That’s pretty much the standard for restaurants,” he said.

Mitchell charges $225 to $275 for 12 servings, plus the cost of the food.

Jennifer Spardy, of Canton, who recently appeared on Food TV’s “Ultimate Recipe Showdown,” also has started a personal-chef service called Anywhere Epicurean.

“I thought about it for 10 years,” she said.


Paul Forchione, Chef@Home, (330) 705-6830

Tamara Mitchell, Dine-in-Diva, (330) 571-8214

Jennifer Spardy, Anywhere Epicurean, (330) 493-0278

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