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Even with the best technology in modern medicine at his fingertips, Dr. Albert Domingo hasn’t forgotten a simple piece of wisdom dispensed by one of his old professors.


Just listen to the patient.

“He said if you listen long enough, the patient will tell you the diagnosis,” said the 64-year-old, who’s certified in obstetrics and gynecology, and board-eligible in
internal medicine.

The London-born M.D. has logged more than a quarter-century treating women of all ages in the Stark County area.

He’s received 25-year awards from Aultman Hospital and Mercy Medical Center, among his pile of awards that also includes surgeon of the year honors at Aultman three times.

“I take my work very seriously,” said Domingo, who bought the former Army Reserves Hastings Armory near Meyers Lake in 2010 and converted the complex into his current practice office.

A lighted display case on the north side of the building, visible from the outside, includes items donated to him from local veterans. Domingo said it’s a way to show reverence to the building’s military history.

He never had aspirations to grow or move to a bigger city.

“I try to focus on what I do, and to do it well,” Domingo said.

He grew up in Nigeria. He studied in the U.S. And he said he’s found his niche and home in the Canton area. It’s where he and his wife, Rosie, raised their six daughters and have since sent them off into the world.

Domingo has reached the point in his career where he’s delivering babies for women that he also delivered. He’s made a habit of attending weddings of some patients and funerals for others.

“Medicine, for me, is about fellowship,” he said.

He can recall three childbirth cases that still choke him up when recounting the details: A woman who gave birth while having a heart attack (a story appeared in the March 3, 2015 Canton Repository); a woman who suffered a rare amniotic fluid embolism; and a woman who endured a ruptured uterus.

All three turned out well, in the end.

Domingo is quick to credit the 29 staff members who make the office run smoothly. The office includes another OB/GYN, Dr. Evelyn Brister, as well as two nurse practitioners to serve patients.

In 2012, Domingo was inducted into the Society of St. Luke during a ceremony at Brookside Country Club. The event was sponsored by Mercy Medical Center. St. Luke is the patron saint of physicians.

In a speech that night, Domingo said: “St. Luke’s legacy serves as a poignant reminder of the importance of physicians’ continually striving to keep compassion in the forefront, and all of the competing daily demands upon our time and finite resources secondary to treating and advising our patients.”

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Tim Botos is a graduate of the University of Akron with a bachelor’s degree in mass media/communication. He has worked as a staff writer at The Repository since 1999. He has won 33 first- or second-place writing awards, and one of his stories appeared in Reader’s Digest. He is married with two daughters, ages 10 and 12. Outside work, he runs a 12 and under girls travel softball team. He also serves as athletic director and pastoral designee for Catholic Youth Organization athletics at St. Paul School in Akron.

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10 Responses

  1. Tavia

    Dr. Domingo is the best OBGYN in Canton .. he’s about his patients and takes the time to get to know them.. he makes u feel comfortable to talk to u, something like a father that a young child never had! I salute him in so many ways he deserves it all!!! Thank u Dr Domingo for helping deliver a healthy baby and being a great support system in my life.. love u always!! Your client, Tavy!!

  2. Tracy Kolbs

    Dr Domingo is an absolutely wonderful human being. Im so proud to call him my dr. God bless you doc!

  3. Shanna Hawthorne

    1 in a million Doctor!! He delivered my now 13 year old daughter Trinity, he was amazing and by far the most genuinely caring doctor I’ve ever met in my life.

  4. Janet High

    Congratulations Dr Domingo, an acknowledgement of your superior talents and on going commitment to the Canton area. Thank you for just being you! Many more Blessing to you and your family!

  5. Faye Stokes-Gardner

    Dr.Domingo is the best.I fly from Georgia for my gyn visits.He is so kind and makes you feel so comfortable.

  6. Lori Schrock-George

    I agree with all of the above!! Dr. Domingo is most definitely the best doctor ever!! He is very can an like someone else has said he takes time to really get to know each an everyone of his patients! I also am proud to call him my doctor. He has delivered all three of my children. Congratulations Dr. D.

  7. Lori Volzer

    Dr. Domingo is by far the BEST doctor I have ever had. He is a true, top-notch professional, compassionate, human being. I can honestly say he DOES “listen” to his patients. The advice he speaks of from one of his professors must truly resonate with him daily. Hats off to Dr. Domingo and may God continue to bless he and his family each and every day.

  8. Liesl Forbes

    I have been a patient of Dr. Domingo for over 25 years. He is everything this article applauds and more. A lot of good doctors care for their patients, but Dr. Domingo always shows me he cares ABOUT me, too. I am really proud of him!

  9. Angela Mast

    Words can’t describe how appreciative and thankful I’am for Dr Domingo. I thought I would never had kids, I had surgery to remove cycts and I also had a 11cm fibroid that took up my whole uterus buy Dr Domingo actually pit my uterus back together when in most causes would have given me a hysterectomy but he listen to me about how so much I wanted to be a mother. So in 2014 I gave birth to my son Hudson James Mast . I will forever be grateful for Dr Domingo!! You are truely a wonderful person


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