Thrift your look for less

When shopping for a new outfit, Goodwill hasn’t been my first choice or second or third, for that matter. I’ve seen thrifters touting what great pieces they find at Goodwill and thrift shops, and I always believed they were lucky. I knew most of them revealed their tips and tricks to finding the best pieces, but I wasn’t convinced.

When shopping for a new outfit, Goodwill hasn’t been my first choice or second or third, for that matter. I’ve seen thrifters touting what great pieces they find at Goodwill and thrift shops, and I always believed they were lucky. I knew most of them revealed their tips and tricks to finding the best pieces, but I wasn’t convinced.

That is, until I went thrifting at Goodwill in Jackson Township with Dina Younis of Dina’s Days. She taught me more about thrifting in a two-hour shopping trip than I would have learned reading about it or attempting it on my own.

On a weeknight in September, I met up with Dina, and we scoured the racks in search of at least three outfits. What we found amazed me. See for yourself.


Night-out look: $33.99
New Look black faux leather jacket, $10; Mossimo black flowy top with crochet detailing at top, $6; Ann Taylor LOFT denim, $6; or J. Crew bright pink pants, $6; Mossimo leopard print kitten heels, $5; Merona clutch with chain handle, $6.99

1. Bring Clorox wipes if you intend to look at shoes. You can find almost-new shoes at Goodwill. It feels more sanitary to try them on if you know they’re clean. Run a wipe inside the shoes, and it won’t feel so icky to try them on.

2. Grab a cart. You may think if you’re only looking for one item that you won’t need a cart, but trust me, grab one. Goodwill is full of unique items. You may end up finding four leather jackets that catch your eye.

3. Budget is key. When shopping at Goodwill or other thrift shops, it can be intimidating and overwhelming. Seeing such low prices can tempt you to buy more than you need. Firmly sticking to a budget will keep you in line and make you realize what’s worth buying.

4. Know what you want. It can be very easy to get distracted when looking through racks of clothing that are all different. Decide if you’re looking for a specific piece, such as a black leather jacket, or an ensemble, such as an outfit to wear to work. Once you’ve narrowed down your list, it’s easier to navigate the store, as most Goodwills are organized into separate sections.

5. If you think something possibly could work, grab it. Clothing can look much different on a hanger than on your body. If it’s a style you like, grab it. Rather than putting an item back that could be the perfect fit, put it in the cart and try it on.

6. Make sure the pieces will work for you in multiple ways. Nothing is worse than finding something that fits you perfectly and is stylish but you know it won’t fit into your wardrobe. If an item will work multiple ways, it’s a safe bet. Think one top with jeans, leggings or a pencil skirt. Bonus if it works more than two ways.

7. When looking at jeans and pants, look at the hems first. If you know skinny jeans aren’t for you, looking at the hems first will show you the style of the pants. This can save a lot of time when faced with a full rack of jeans. Also, know the wash you’re looking for.

1. Look closely. In most cases, designer items will jump out at you. If designer items don’t jump out at you, one way to identify higher-end pieces is by touching things.

2. Understand the tagging system. This is extremely important. Every thrift store has its own tagging system. Goodwill of Greater Cleveland and East Central Ohio locations use a color tagging system. Every single item is individually priced with a colored price tag. Every week, Goodwill runs in-store discounts in which a certain color tag is half off and the other is $1.50. Keep an eye out for the colors of the week for even deeper discounts.

3. When shopping the “bins,” inspect the clothing. Most of the items are in excellent condition, they just need a home! However, always inspect the item front to back. I like to lay the item flat and check for stains and rips. Always check the seams and turn it inside-out.

4. Don’t believe the myth that high-end items are only in rich neighborhoods. In some cities, certain stores will have a number of brand-name labels because of their donation base. However, this isn’t a rule you should follow religiously. Many thrift stores in Ohio, for example, distribute their clothes among their territory. Some thrift stores have drop-off trucks, so these donations get spread out among a number of locations. In other words, a thrift store in an unsuspecting neighborhood could carry some seriously high-end names. Keep your options open. If you’re curious, ask someone at your local thrift store how they sort their clothes. It’s not a big secret.

5. Look for items with tags. You’ll often find department store items with tags still attached. Browse the rack quickly for tags hanging off the clothes.

A lover of color, affordable style and thrifting, Dina Younis is the face behind According to her site, she started the blog to “share my secondhand finds with the world, but also to start a critical conversation about the importance and value of sustainable style.”

And that she has. She has a large following on Instagram (more than 11,000 followers), and she often contributes to several blogs, including Goodwill Akron and the Cleveland Flea.

Aside from thrifting for personal reasons and blogging, she has created events around thrifting. In 2013, she co-founded Thrift Night Out, an event that brings people together to learn about the benefits of thrifting. Younis also hosts private events for groups or offices.

She also started Dina’s Days Spice Rack, which is her curated collection of thrift and vintage clothing at the blue, A Goodwill Boutique at 335 S. Main Street in Akron. Find her collection by the pink SPICE sign.

For more information about Dina and her thrifting adventures, including recent finds, thrifting tips, special event notifications and some thrifted home renovation projects, check out or follow her Instagram, @dinasdays.

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Casual style: $17
xhilaration faux leather jacket, $7; Gap super soft crew, $4; Ann Taylor LOFT denim, $6; Shoes, Kelsey’s own—Tamaris
Casual style: $26
American Eagle Outfitters camouflage button-down shirt, $6; Hollister gray ruffle and lace top, $4; Ann Taylor LOFT denim, $8; Relativity boots, $8
Office style: $23.99
Sinclaire tank sweater and matching button sweater with fabric flowers, $6; J. Crew blush pants, $6; Merona clutch with chain handle, $6.99; Gianni Bini nude patent leather heels, $5
Life of the party look: $14
H&M sparkle top, $5; The Limited exact stretch maroon pants, $4; Gianni Bini nude patent leather heels, $5