Most Eligible Singles: Lori Stokes, Alex Shaheen & Katy Russell

We pored over the nominations and read through the applications to find 12 truly exceptional, extremely accomplished, fun-loving singles who are living, working and looking for love in Stark County. Entrepreneurs, educators, local leaders, community stewards and creative souls—in their 20s through 60s!—all seeking the perfect mate.

Lori Stokes

43 | EEO Officer

LIVES IN: Canton

TWITTER CLASSIFIED: Looking for a fun, loving, full of life and laughter kind of guy that warms my heart, writes loves notes, holds hands, cuddles, makes me laugh, doesn’t sweat the small stuff and prays with me and for me.

SELF PORTRAIT: I am a God-fearing, dedicated, organized, fun-loving, family-oriented individual with plenty of love and care to share with someone and their family. I love my community—volunteering and serving others.

DREAM VACATION: Going to the mountains in California for a week and not planning any particular activity, just going with the flow and doing whatever comes our way. But we have to do one adventurous activity while we are there!

LOVE LESSONS: Without God, trust and effective communication, relationships suffer. Be open and honest in the beginning and throughout the relationship; it makes a big difference.

“Loving a person unconditionally after being a widow, and that person accepting that I was in love, in a long-term relationship, that ended in death and not a break up. My husband will always be a part of me.”
—Lori Stokes on the most difficult part of finding love again

Alex Shaheen

26 | Athletic Trainer and Sports Medicine Instructor, GlenOak High School

LIVES IN: Canton

TWITTER CLASSIFIED: She would be intelligent, open minded and humorous. She would be the type of person who would not be confined to 140 characters.

CONVERSATION STARTER: If there is anything I have learned from my time on the Earth, it is that people love talking about themselves. Just asking someone about their interests will usually get them to open up. But I might change my pickup line to “Hey do you read About magazine?”

BURNING PASSIONS: I am a life-long learner so learning and educating are big passions of mine. I find learning a new skill or being informed to be gratifying. I also like to brew and sample craft beers.
who i admire most: My parents have always put their children first. Now that I am older, I try to emulate their selflessness in my own career by putting service above self. I hope I can reciprocate their generosity in the years to come.

“A role model with integrity and character who Inspires his students with a caring and respectful manner.”
—Nominator Mona Shaheen describing her nephew

Katy Russell

28 | Instructor, Choreographer, Speech and Debate Coach at Dancing Classrooms, Arts in Stark, Artful Living and Louisville high school

LIVES IN: Canton

TWITTER CLASSIFIED: Someone who is balanced—fun but relaxed, ambitious but appreciative. Strong morals and a strong desire to experience any and everything.

BIGGEST OBSTACLES: I have a bit of an unconventional work life, with several different arts programs that have me in and out of different schools all day long. Plus my work in choreography means different projects for competition show choirs, regional theatres, camps and more. My career has me on my toes—literally and figuratively—and so most of the “men” in my life are in the fifth grade or … not interested in women!

RED FLAG: Being rude or thinking you are better than others and jealousy! If there is jealousy in the relationship, then there are major trust issues. If I am in a relationship, I am all-in. Love lessons: A good relationship is worth the wait. I have seen so many friends go through a revolving door of relationships and to me, that is just so much extra stress and drama to put in your life. I think that a genuine relationship is truly a commitment to invest in.

“As the most social and outspoken person that I know, between family and work, She stays very busy, so she hasn’t had time to look for someone.”
—Nominator Sierra Russell explaining why her sister is still single