Summer fun in the backyard or campsite is made warm and toasty by building a bonfire. Break out the dogs and marshmallows, gather friends and get to building!

Clear a space: Keep clear of overhanging branches and ground cover.

Dig the pit: Create a slight depression to better control the fire.

Set a perimeter: Use rocks to set the boundary of your fire.

Fill a bucket: Make sure you have some water and an extinguisher nearby.

Gather the tinder: Make a bed of dry leaves, bark, grass and small bits of wood that ignite easily.

Collect some firewood: Get 20 to 25 pieces of dry wood. Wet wood makes smoke.

Make a teepee: Lean pieces of smaller kindling wood together and then make the structure bigger with firewood.

Light the match: Use a match or lighter on the tinder to get things started.

Add more wood: As wood disintegrates, add more to keep the structure secure.

Extinguish the blaze: Sprinkle, don’t pour, extinguishing slowly. Don’t flood and you can use again.

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