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Downtown Canton’s Print & Press Shop & Studios has the feel of a boutique you might encounter in a bigger city’s hipster neighborhood. The merchandise is proudly handmade and smart, and this small shop—now in its third year, is loaded with it.

All about handmade:

Print & Press Shop & Studios
Downtown Canton’s Print & Press Shop & Studios has the feel of a boutique you might encounter in a bigger city’s hipster neighborhood.

The merchandise is proudly handmade and smart, and this small shop—now in its third year, is loaded with it.

Print & Press is an apt name. The shop has a wide selection of witty and often acerbic greeting cards and art prints. Some of these are printed in-house by Jess Bennett, owner of Letterpress Jess, on a vintage, one and a half ton printing press she calls Big Sal in the back room of the shop.

Also printed are the silk-screened (and ultra-comfortable) T-shirts, tanks and hoodies from the Canton-based Little Chicago Clothing Co., whose designs often celebrate regional pride (Canton, Ohio, Rust Belt). Owners Greg and Amy Eibel are partners in Print & Press with Bennett and her husband, Doug.

The wide range of merchandise at Print & Press includes scented candles, ball caps, hand-knitted items, bottle openers, jewelry and other artisan-made gift items, all by local and regional makers. —Dan Kane

429 Fourth St. NW, Canton, 330-451-6574, printandpresscanton.com

Unique home stylings:

Urban & Loft
Treasure hunting at salvage dealers and auctions and Pinterest project ideas inspired Sam and Suzi Stepanovich to launch a business called Urban & Loft.

The couple’s repurposed furniture pieces and other furnishings that combine rustic and industrial elements are very much on-trend. For instance, a 19th century railroad cart with cast-iron wheels transformed into a coffee table. Or a weathered old tool cabinet that was given a reclaimed lumber top and casters. Or mirrors and tables fashioned from wooden tire molds. Or long tables made from chestnut barn wood and iron workbench legs.

At first, the Stepanoviches sold their ruggedly stylish creations on Facebook Marketplace. Next, they gained exposure with enthusiastic buyers with booths at the Downtown Canton Flea and 720 Market. In May, an Urban & Loft workshop and retail showroom opened in a 4,000-square-foot warehouse space in downtown Canton.

Here, Sam, a retired sheet-metal worker, builds things. Suzi, who works for Cutler Real Estate, helps out when she can and has learned to weld. —Dan Kane

720 Second St. SE, Canton, 234-360-1480, find Urban and Loft on Facebook. Urban and Loft is open during the Downtown Canton Flea and First Fridays, and by appointment.

More than consignments:

Best Bib & Tucker
Long before consignment stores were “hip,” Best Bib & Tucker was offering upscale designer fashions on consignment, while also serving as an old-fashioned gathering place for the community.

Founded by Barb Wise in 1989, the store is located in the heart of downtown Hartville. It outgrew its original space on S Prospect Street, moving into the century-old former Schumacher Lumber Building in 2013.

“It changed a little bit of the vibe; we’re right behind the Hartville Chocolate Factory,” said Megan Wise, daughter of the owner. “It’s made it more accessible.”

Megan Wise credits her mom’s love for people for the store’s success.

“My mom started the business when I was in middle school,” she noted. “She loves people, loves talking to people. It’s became an integral part of the community; a place where women gather and talk, even though they’re really here to build their wardrobes.”

Best Bib & Tucker also offers fashion and crafts classes.

By the way, “Best Bib & Tucker” is an old British term, meaning to put on your best clothes for a special occasion.

Shop hours are 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Wednesday; 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Friday and Saturday, and 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. Thursday (summer months). —Charita Goshay

127 Mill St. SE, Hartville, 330-877-3308, find Best Bib & Tucker on Facebook

Focus on gospel:

The North Canton Chapel
If you attend a service at the North Canton Chapel, you are going to learn about Jesus—even if the sermon comes from an obscure passage in the Old Testament.

The church has worship services at 9 and 10:30 a.m. Sundays and tons of activities for students, kids and adults during those services. The style is more contemporary—there aren’t any strobe lights or pyrotechnics, but there is a band. It’s a come-as-you-are experience, which means jeans are totally OK. During the week, the church offers classes and home groups, which are called missional communities, get together to hang out, study, worship or have meals.

The mission of the church is to preach the gospel so people will grow in relationship with Jesus and then serve locally and around the world. In Stark County, the church works with organizations such as Refuge of Hope and Hammer and Nails. The North Canton Chapel also supports missionaries across the globe, including in Thailand, Guatemala, South Africa, Taiwan and Ukraine. —Alison Matas

715 Whittier Ave. NW, North Canton, 330-494-3419, ncchapel.com

Aisles of fun:

Sir Troy’s Toy Kingdom
Collectors and hobbyists agree that Sir Troy’s Toy Kingdom is the go-to area retail store for all things Lego.
New Lego sets. Hard to find Lego pieces. Out of production Lego items. Lego parts. Individual Lego miniature figurines. That’s the list of products an online source lists as being stocked at Sir Troy’s.

Sir Troy’s offers building workshops, play days and swap sessions throughout the year. On any given day, visitors to the store will find thousands of current versions of old favorite Lego toys.

As a representative of the shop once explained, Sir Troy’s refrains from chasing the latest toy fad, “that has usually faded away before the presents are even done being unwrapped,” instead focusing on “quality toys that have withstood the test of time and stand out as quality favorites.”

If you visit, don’t miss the large Lego train layout in the back of the store. The model railroad, which has toured throughout Ohio and surrounding states, is made entirely out of Lego pieces. —Gary Brown

1180 S Main St., North Canton, 330-244-9008, sirtroys.com