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We hit the streets in an exhaustive search for the most delectable dishes, shoppable spots and entertaining experiences across Stark County. Enjoy our editor’s picks, and don’t miss the readers’ choice roundups in more than 100 categories.

We hit the streets in an exhaustive search for the most delectable dishes, shoppable spots and entertaining experiences across Stark County. Enjoy our editor’s picks, and don’t miss the readers’ choice roundups in more than 100 categories.


SOL Pie Pizza will make you question why you ever settled for fast, cheap pepperoni-and-cheese carryout.The North Canton pizza shop specializes in sustainable, organic, local food—that’s how it got the name SOL—with a commitment to avoiding unhealthy and artificial ingredients. Its pizza crust is chewy and delicious, made with all-natural, unbleached, unbromated flour and extra virgin olive oil. And SOL Pie looks out for customers with dietary restrictions by offering gluten-free crust and Daiya vegan cheese. It may be healthy, but SOL Pie’s Daydreamer Pizza tastes anything but. This pizza is indulgent and satisfying with generous toppings in every slice. The ingredient list—salami, meatballs, caramelized onions, roasted peppers, mozzarella, provolone and smoked cheddar cheese topped with maple glazed bacon and basil—reads like a shopping list, but the flavors work beautifully together. It’s no wonder SOL Pie boasts that this pie is ranked “the 4th Best Pizza in The Midwest.”—Jessica Holbrook

3159 Whitewood St. NW, North Canton, 330-494-3131, solpiepizza.com


Fronimo’s Downtown is the reigning champ for artfully crafted bar food. Despite its intimate interior, the eatery boasts gourmand-enticing menus and specials. Our favorite night of the week is quickly becoming “Tequila & Taco Tuesdays,” featuring all manner of Mexican dishes such as tacos and enchiladas. But the real star of the night is the selection of margaritas, such as the Patrón, agave nectar, sour, fresh lime and jalapeño variety pictured here. This extravagant libation is $9. Other house margaritas are $3 to $5 on Taco Tuesdays.—Jess Bennett

315 Cleveland Ave. NW, Canton, 234-360-8665, Fronimo’s Downtown on Facebook


It’s hard to say which is more fun: Eating onion rings from Eadie’s Fish House Grill & Pub or looking at all the doodads and beachside decorations in the funky little shack where they’re made and served.

Unlike a lot of beer batters, which can get soggier the longer you eat it, the batter used at Eadie’s is so light and crispy, it almost floats. The only thing which may weigh you down is the sheer amount you get for $4.99. More than a dozen rings, many the size of a cup saucer, they can barely fit into the container.

If you’re a light eater, they’re enough to make a meal. But wait—there’s more. Don’t pass on the sauce that comes with each order. Creamy and sweet, it has a kick, but not so much that you’ll want to douse your head in a bucket. —Charita Goshay

6616 Wise Ave. NW, North Canton, 330-494-4000, eadiesfishhouse.com


Table Six Kitchen + Bar’s version of the Monte Cristo sandwich nicely blends savory with a touch of sweet. Featured on the gastropub’s dinner menu, the sandwich offers generous portions of sliced ham and turkey with gooey delicious Swiss and gouda cheese layered on egg-dipped bread. The sandwich arrives cut in strips for easier dipping. Use the bourbon maple syrup to add some sweetness and to bring out the French toast flavor. The raspberry preserves make the dense comfort food feel perfectly right even on warm, sunny days. Both dipping sauces also pair well with the fries.—Kelli Weir

6113 Whipple Ave. NW, North Canton, 330-305-1666, table6canton.com


Good Mornin,’ indeed! That’s the name of this popular cupcake at Main Street Deli in Navarre that is kinda-sorta like breakfast in one indulgent $1.50 package. The cake itself has a French toast flavor and a cream filling. The buttercream icing is maple flavored and garnished with—the key ingredient—crispy bacon crumbles. There are usually a dozen or so cupcake varieties to choose from, all baked in-house, and available weekdays from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Lemon creme, red velvet and chocolate peanut butter are three other cupcake faves.—Dan Kane

531 N Main St., Navarre, 330-879-9959, mainstreetdeli.net


Restore Cold Pressed juice bar in Jackson Township serves cups full of the stuff I feel like I should be eating more often. It’s a great option because instead of chewing kale and spinach, I can drink it.

I like the No. 2 “organic superfood smoothie,” which blends banana, pineapple, mango, spinach, kale, peanut butter and almond milk. It’s creamy, it’s a little bit sweet, and somehow I can taste the spinach, pineapple and peanut butter together and instead of being weird, it’s delicious. I never would expect it to fill me up, but it does. —Alison Matas

7188 Fulton Dr. NW, Canton, 330-809-6365, restorecoldpressed.com


A local outpost in the area’s growing food-truck scene is The Beach Bum Truck, which serves up fresh and summery items such as grilled chicken, grilled fish and smoked pork tacos, custom made with avocado and chipotle cream sauces, slaw and cilantro. Tortilla chips and guacamole, and a deluxe taco-style chicken salad also are offered at the eye-catching, turquoise truck which has a surf-wagon vibe. Launched in March, the truck has been spotted at the Downtown Canton Flea, Canton Blues Fest and on downtown Canton’s Central Plaza at lunchtime weekdays, usually with a line of taco-craving customers.—Dan Kane

330-323-0809, The Beach Bum Truck on Facebook


Brew from Carpe Diem Coffee Shop is already wonderful. Combining that coffee with beer and ice cream is close to perfection.

Carpe Crema, a collaboration between Carpe Diem and Heggy’s Nut Shoppe, blends Carpe Diem coffee with Heggy’s rich 14 percent cream ice cream and generous swirls of ground chocolate-covered espresso beans. The result is creamy and indulgent with a satisfying punch of coffee flavor. This ice cream is caffeinated, so probably not the best choice for a midnight snack. But for an afternoon treat during the stubbornly hot days of early fall, you can’t go wrong.

The Carpe Noctem Coffee Porter is a smooth, rich beer that’s perfect for a chilly fall night with friends. This time, Carpe Diem teamed up with the Canton Brewing Co. for a dark, dense, yet drinkable concoction. Carpe Noctem is slightly sweet with strong flavors of coffee and a hint of chocolate and cream. Stop in downtown Canton for a pint and plan on taking a growler home. You’ll definitely want another taste.—Jessica Holbrook

215 Market Ave. N, Canton, 330-455-2326, carpediemcoffeeshop.com


We’ve got appetizers at dinner, of course. Most places offer starters at lunch. And it seems as if these days half the world’s restaurants are “tapas” joints—in other words, places that only serve appetizers. So why not appetizers at breakfast!?! Wonder no more … gone are the mornings of splitting an order of sausage gravy and biscuits with your morning companions, pretending that the proprietor intended that it precede your western omelet. Daytime eatery Twisted Citrus offers a slate of both savory and sweet breakfast appetizers, including gargantuan breakfast nachos with chorizo, scrambled eggs, beans, avocado, cheese, jalapeños and pico de gallo, and adorable pancake tacos filled with yogurt, granola and topped with fruit. Careful not to spoil your breakfast.—Jess Bennett

1649 N Main St., North Canton, 330-305-9680 | 5382 Fulton Dr. NW, Canton, 330-409-9250. thetwistedcitrus.com


The team at Liebermann’s Bakery has named them Devil Dogs, but they’re also known as whoopie pies. Whatever you call them, they’re delicious.

The treats are two layers of fluffy chocolate cake with a generous helping of light, white frosting between. The top of the cake has thick, gooey chocolate frosting, and the bottom of the cake is dusted with powdered sugar. At $1.50 a piece, they’re tough to turn down.

They’re pretty to photograph, too—social media shows several shots of rows of the glossy cakes, with lots of comments about how great they are—which is why they wound up on our cover.—Alison Matas

49 First St. SE, Massillon, 330-833-4745