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Is it really a special occasion if we don’t eat a cake? Almost all of us mark our milestones with this traditional sweet treat. We celebrate birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, career promotions and a wealth of other notable events with cakes designed to capture the spirit of the occasions.

Specially Decorated Cakes
Studio Bakery

Is it really a special occasion if we don’t eat a cake? Almost all of us mark our milestones with this traditional sweet treat. We celebrate birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, career promotions and a wealth of other notable events with cakes designed to capture the spirit of the occasions.

If you’re anything like me, you can detect from a single visit that Studio Bakery matches its cakes to our occasions as well as any bakery.

Follow Studio Bakery’s Facebook page and you’ll see evidence of the bakery’s creativity with frosting techniques. A heavily flowered creation says congratulations to an obviously accomplished recipient. An orange football helmet cake wishes a happy birthday to an avid fan of the Cleveland Browns. A cake decorated in happy colors notes “No More Tension, Hello Pension” for the benefit of a retiree. A “cat cake” helps a lover of felines celebrate. And a round cake, circled on the side by motor bikes and topped by the logo for Harley-Davidson Motorcycles, was designed with a two-wheeler in mind.

Fellow staff writer Dan Kane described in 2018 how partners Brittany Bergquist and Kara Foster—Brittany bakes and Kara decorates—opened the business in September of that year on the premise that they make “everything from scratch” using only raw flours, sugars and fats, with no preservatives. Their recipes are original—not only for cakes but also cookies, cupcakes and other sweets.

Visiting Studio Bakery at 4339 Dressler Road NW is logically more interesting than calling it at 330-776-8308, because we all appreciate the enticing smell of a bakery. Still, the visuals served up by Studio Bakery are equally as impressive. I’ve sensed that once you’ve seen, sniffed and tasted a custom cake decorated by Studio Bakery, you won’t forget it. —Gary Brown


Perfect Flavor Combo
Ham Apple Brie from Deli Ohio

From the first time I went to Deli Ohio in downtown Canton till now, my favorite always has been the Ham Apple Brie. The delicious, not too salty ham, the crisp apple, the gooey brie and the sweet peach preserves all on soft honey whole wheat bread is a combination made in sandwich heaven.

Just thinking about it makes my mouth water.

Don’t get me wrong, Deli Ohio has other fantastic sandwiches—looking at you Reuben, Rachel and Spinach Apple Brie to name a few—but the Ham Apple Brie stands above the rest.

I never would’ve thought to put an apple on a sandwich—or peach preserves, for that matter—but it works. The flavors pair so well and keep me coming back for more! —Kelsey Davis


One-Stop Healthy Shop
Raisin Rack Natural Food Market

In recent years, I’ve tried to clean up my diet, as well as skin care and beauty products, to ones with more natural ingredients. Thankfully, Raisin Rack Natural Food Market in Canton offers all kinds of items, be it food or beauty, for my healthier lifestyle.

I love finding new beauty and skin care products that are actually good for your skin right in the same store where I can try all kinds of fun, healthy foods from the bulk bins and grocery aisles. I can’t be the only one who loves the convenience of a one-stop shop for food and face products. Plus, it’s locally owned.

From fresh produce to kombucha to freezer foods, Raisin Rack has it all. —Kelsey Davis


Filling Dinner Dish
Lasagna at Angello’s 2 Go

The coronavirus pandemic has only strengthened my love for Angello’s 2 Go’s homemade lasagna.

When all the sit-down restaurants closed, we still had the drive-up window at Angello’s for reliable dine-in quality food.

First of all, the hunk of lasagna you receive is huge. I always have enough left over for the next day’s lunch.

The lasagna features three types of cheeses—creamy ricotta and mozzarella and Parmesan—with the al dente noodles and ground beef. And it’s surrounded by a moat of homemade marinara sauce that balances the sweetness of the cheeses.

The dinner also comes with a hearty salad and a slice of Angello’s fresh-baked Italian bread that can be best described as cake.

You definitely won’t be disappointed—or hungry.

Angello’s 2 Go is located at 5081 Fulton Drive NW in Jackson Township and can be reached at 330-956-5860. For more information, visit —Kelli Weir


Sweet Side Dish
Sweet potato casserole at Hartville Kitchen

A favorite side dish for me is found at the ever-busy, ever-reliable country-style Hartville Kitchen at 1015 Edison Street NW.

The sweet potato casserole side dish delivers velvety deliciousness, with added flavor from butter, brown sugar and bits of pecans. It is a dessert unto itself, so I always save mine for last.
Mashed potatoes and gravy and a finely chopped salad with house Sweet ‘N Sour dressing are other Hartville side-dish musts for me.

The Hartville Kitchen, which has a 440-seat dining room, has adapted well to COVID-19, having already had an efficient carryout operation in place. With impeccable service and reliably pleasing food, it’s no surprise that this destination restaurant, which opened in 1966, is thriving. —Dan Kane


Double the Coffee Fun
Tremont Coffee Co.

One positive development during COVID-19 has been the arrival of a second Tremont Coffee Co. location in Perry Township at 4859 Tuscarawas Street W, which joins the initial cafe at 215 Erie Street N in downtown Massillon. Both are spacious, hip and inviting places to relax, with seating inside and out. All of Tremont’s coffee is roasted in Massillon and is available in beverage form or bagged to go. Popular specialty drinks include Morning Moonshine, which is a triple-shot vanilla caramel latte; the iced version is made with nitro. The Peanut Butter Cup is cold brew, Reese’s peanut butter and chocolate, available hot, iced or frozen. Tremont’s baked goods—muffins (available in a gluten-friendly version) and jumbo cookies—are baked at the Perry location. Ordering can be done online at for pickup. —Dan Kane

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