BURGER: Open-Faced Lamb Burger

RESTAURANT: Fronimo’s Downtown
CHEF: Garon Thomas
SIDE: Fresh cut fries seasoned with cyprus flake salt and fresh chopped rosemary

ABOUT THE BURGER: Fresh ground lamb, seasoned and grilled, served open-faced on a bed of mixed greens and garlic bread. It’s topped with Gruyere cheese and fire-roasted red peppers. It’s served with a yogurt tzatziki.

PRICE: $14
MENU ITEM: Regular
LOCATION: 315 Cleveland Ave. NW, Canton

JUDGE’S REMARKS: The lamb flavor is very good. The tzatziki sauce is excellent, and the open-face lends creativity.


Every March for the past three years, we have presented to readers the magazine staff’s top picks in our annual Feast Awards. This year, we decided to take things in a different direction and focus on an American classic: the burger.

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