BURGER: Cheddar Bacon Onion Ring Burger

RESTAURANT: Eadies Fish House
CHEF: Rudy Diotale
SIDE: Bag of Shearer’s chips
TEMPERATURE: Medium-well

ABOUT THE BURGER: Half-pound special-blend steak patty charbroiled, topped with cheddar cheese, thick-cut smoked bacon, a few beer-battered onion rings, lettuce and tomato on a butter grilled brioche bun served with housemade onion ring sauce and barbecue sauce on the side.

PRICE: $10
MENU ITEM: Regular
LOCATION: 6616 Wise Ave. NW, North Canton

JUDGE’S REMARKS: The presentation was excellent, and the onion rings were very tasty.


Every March for the past three years, we have presented to readers the magazine staff’s top picks in our annual Feast Awards. This year, we decided to take things in a different direction and focus on an American classic: the burger.

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