Exclusive Homes

Everyone in Lake Cable knows where the Zimmermans live. Their property sits on a little island unto itself — and has a welcoming “Z” initial on a second-floor awning. Stella’s playhouse in the sideyard includes an “S” initial and completes the picture-perfect estate on the lake.

The Zimmermans

Everyone in Lake Cable knows where the Zimmermans live. Their property sits on a little island unto itself — and has a welcoming “Z” initial on a second-floor awning. Stella’s playhouse in the sideyard includes an “S” initial and completes the picture-perfect estate on the lake. Built in 1997, the Zimmermans have lived in the home since early 2007.

“Living on the lake is quiet, calming, fun and beautiful. It is great spending the weekends at the beach, where the kids swim and play and the adults get to relax,” Lindsay said. “It is also really fun having friends that live on the lake and traveling to each other’s homes by boat. It is traditional for people on passing boats to wave at each other, which makes for a close and friendly community.”

The couple said their favorite feature of their home is its second-story, screened-in porch, where they can relax and watch the boats go by.

“We love living on the lake and all the fun that goes with living on a lake — boating, swimming, fishing, going to the beach — we love entertaining family and friends, especially in the summer,” Lindsay said.

The couple noted the lake’s proximity to Belden Village, downtown Canton, the highway and the airport.

“It is beautiful and a great place to raise a family. And … it’s like you’re on a vacation every day,” Lindsay said. “When we moved to the lake we were not fully aware of all the amount of the fun that goes with it. From taking our kayaks out for a pre-dinner cruise or riding our bikes around the lake, there are so many fun activities for our family and great memories made. We feel truly blessed that we have found our home on Lake Cable and try to make the most of each day!”

The Caspers

The Caspers have an expansive view of the lake from their backyard — if you can call it a backyard. Enveloped by the lake in a sort of peninsula, water surrounds the home on two sides. So while the backyard boasts wide views of the main lake, an inlet wraps around the other side of the home. Mark Casper (Sr.) grew up in the home, built in 1959, and lived there until he graduated from college. He returned to take over the estate with his family in the early 1990s, and remodeled in 1995.

“It has always been home for me and I can’t think of a place I’d rather live,” Mark said.“We love being surrounded by nature. Regardless of the weather, there is something of interest going on outside every day. We’ve seen deer swim to shore and walk around the yard, wild turkeys, a family of mink diving for fish, migratory birds of all kinds … an abundance of amazing sites — it’s like having your own nature show all of the time.”

Casper said his favorite feature of the home is the water views from both sides.

“It is stress-free living at its finest. Our home is a short distance from work for both of us, and we are able to arrive home to a setting that is so enjoyable and relaxing. We love spending time here with our family and friends, either cooking outside, boating, fishing or just sitting outside watching the sun set,” Mark said.

The Martins

When Barry and Sally Martin purchased their home in 2001, they had very specific ideas for what they wanted — including a big yard with lake views and a cottage feel. Their Lake Cable home is spot on with their wish list. Originally built in 1954, it sits on a deep lot with a wide view of the lake. The Martins completely renovated the home with the help of Barry’s brother, an architect based in Philadelphia.

“We wanted the renovation to retain the feel of a small seaside cottage, and we were able to accomplish that, while providing enough space for visiting family members to gather comfortably for the holidays,” Sally said. “We love that all of the main living spaces afford a view of the lake. Being on the water is the feature we love most about our home. We enjoy fishing, ice-skating, kayaking, boating, and sitting on the deck or patio sharing a meal with friends. We chose to live on Lake Cable after enjoying good times on the lake with friends who already lived here.”

The couple likened living on the lake to being on vacation — while still being close to the the grocery store, mall and interstate.

The Dolls

The Dolls’ home is perfect for entertaining. An open floor plan, wine room and patio welcome guests to settle in and relax. Built in 1989, the family has lived in the home for 14 years.They remodeled about two years ago.

“We love to have parties and entertain … we love everything about it,” Sandy said. “In our opinion, it doesn’t get any better than lake living. Our children can walk out the back door and go fishing or on a pontoon boat ride in the summer months. In the fall, we sit around fires and enjoy the company of friends, family and neighbors. In the winter, we ice-skate and sled ride right in our backyard.There is so much fun to be had all year round.”

The couple also mentioned that the location is hard to beat.

“We love raising our children on the lake. It’s a very tight-knit community.”

The Baileys

Tucked into what’s known as Cable Bay, the Baileys’ sprawling estate is perched atop a hill overlooking the bay. Built in 1941, the home boasts plenty of history.

“From the moment you pull up the circular drive to our home, you can see that it is full of character and rich in history … it welcomes you in,” Tracie said.“We try to keep as much as we can original … the history that comes with (the home) is amazing, but the love that it is filled with is what makes it our home. The best part of our house is that we ‘live’ in it and never have rooms that we don’t use daily.”

She said they like that their location is tucked away enough to feel peaceful — while still convenient to daily living.

“Lake living is beautiful living. Even on the ugliest Ohio day, often there is something still beautiful to see on the lake. It’s nice to be able to dock at a friend’s house and let our kids play the long summer days away,” Tracie said.

Many people recognize the home as the one on the lake that used to house an indoor pool in an addition to the home. The area now serves as a huge playroom and arcade for their children, ages 7 and 12.

Tracie said it has been well-rumored that the home was first used as a casino. She noted several oddities that made it seem quite possible, but she said no real proof has been found.

“I will say it does have many interesting ‘quirks’ about it,” she said. “Hmm, anyone wanna make a bet?”

The Baileys had the opportunity to purchase the home from a relative in 2005 and said it has been a blessing ever since. They hope to pass the home to one of their boys one day.

“When you pair all of that, with others that also enjoy it the same and the interesting history that comes with it, we wouldn’t want to live anywhere else ever,” Tracie said.

The Calevskis

Living on the lake has become a family tradition for many at Lake Cable, including the Calevski family. Jovan and Victoria first moved to the lake in the 1980s with their sons, David and Michael. They moved in 2003 when they built their current Lake Cable home. Their son, David, and his wife, Laura, bought their first lake home in 2011. The couple sold that home this summer and bought another one — also on the lake.

“I think you’ll find that most children of lake residents aspire to find their way back to Lake Cable.We feel very lucky to live here,” David said. “Each bay and channel of the lake offers its own locational benefits. No two homes on the lake are identical and each offers its own unique views.”

The Calevskis said they enjoy the close-knit community feeling to Lake Cable — as well as all the outdoor enjoyment it provides.

“There is something relaxing and serene about living near water. We never take it for granted,” David said. “It’s calming and we experience a vacationlike feeling every day when we come home from work. We’re not confined by our backyard or cul-de-sac.”

He said his family loves to explore the lake via boat, kayak — or a run around the perimeter.

“Sharing 150 acres of lake means that all residents and members have to be respectful of each other and work together to ensure the cleanliness, safety and enjoyment of the lake,” David said. “All residents and members deserve credit for keeping Lake Cable the exceptional community that it has always been.”

The Kuliches

All it took was spending one day on the lake with another family for the Kuliches to know that they wanted to live there too. They purchased their home in the summer of 2009, tore it down in fall of 2011 and moved in to the new place in spring of 2012.

“We knew that we wanted to move to Lake Cable while the children were young so that they could enjoy it for many years,” Lynne said. “Our children love fishing, kayaking and taking their friends out on the pontoon boat.”

The layout of their new place allows the family to take in all lake living has to offer.

“We like the open floor plan, with windows that allow us to see the lake,” Lynne said.“We love having a large backyard for our kids to play ball. Also, there’s nothing like celebrating July Fourth on the lake!”