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Gary Chapman of Pine Cone Gift Shoppe gives us the low-down on what the business is all about.

Gary Chapman of Pine Cone Gift Shoppe gives us the low-down on what the business is all about.

After 13 years in business, Pine Cone Gift Shoppe is still going strong. Run by mother and son, Sharon James and Gary Chapman, the shop offers plenty of home goods and services, including interior decorating, custom kitchens and baths, custom drapes and curtains, and flooring and custom rugs.

All of the items in the store are handpicked by James and Chapman. The store is a reflection of these two, and they decorate the same way at home.

Chapman and James are all about supporting local. They buy their items from about 50 local artists who live, work and shop in the community. About a fifth of those artists are exclusive to Pine Cone.

A Q&A with Chapman gives us insight on the shop and how it shaped into what it is today.

Your business has many facets. Tell me about how it developed into such an all-in-one business?

The reason our store has so many avenues is because we listen to our clients. They ask questions all the time because for 13 years, we have earned their trust. They are tired of shopping at big box stores where they are just a number. At Pine Cone, we are not in business without them.

What’s the most popular service your customers/clients utilize?

I would without a doubt say our offerings are custom to our clients. For example, if a customer sees a sofa on the floor and it’s a little too deep for their needs, we can have it made to fit the measurements they need.

We also offer a custom floral designer in the shop. And we do custom drapes and more.

How do you keep up with changing trends?

At Pine Cone, we don’t do trends. We offer classic home decor that is in style forever. Our shop has a colonial, antique and traditional vibe. These styles have been around for a very long time. We like to think that “trendy” home decor can be found at the mall. Our shop is more unique.

I personally think our customer service is the best you will get at any store, and the fact that our products are 90 percent American-made makes us stand out against the competition.

What are some of the hottest trends in your respective design area? 

As for our shop’s best sellers, I would have to say pottery (Redware) because I love it. The locally made hooked rug/runners are popular. Our florals are amazing, and our candle line is the best around!