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Ruthanne Mancini-Wilkof of Anew Room let’s us in on what it’s like running a furniture consignment gallery.

Ruthanne Mancini-Wilkof of Anew Room let’s us in on what it’s like running a furniture consignment gallery.

Owners Ruthanne Mancini-Wilkof and husband Ron Wilkof opened Anew Room a year ago in August and just recently moved the shop one door away from its first location. Read our Q&A with Ruthanne about the shop, trends and how she keeps up with her customers’ furniture needs.

Your shop has been open just over a year. What have you learned in the first year of business?

We have learned the importance of meeting our customers’ expectations. We try to have a good selection of items, styles and decor that will meet the needs and tastes of a variety of clients. Because our customers can be more mature folks who are downsizing and looking for more versatile and multifunctional furniture, to young couples furnishing their first house, to college students furnishing their dorm room, we must have a wide range of items and styles, as well as price points. We have learned how important it is for the store to always have a fresh look and have creative displays of our consignors’ items. This keeps our customers coming back to see what’s new.

What are most of your customers searching for?

The majority of our customers do not come to the store with a specific item in mind. They enjoy leisurely browsing through our store and then they see a treasure that catches their eye and they make their purchase. Sometimes the customers are looking for a gift or even spending time between appointments, etc.

On the other hand, we have many customers who come to Anew Room with a specific request. If we do not have what they are looking for, we have a ledger that we record their name and their needs. We will contact them should this item or items arrive in the store.

How do you keep up with changing trends?

We keep our store’s appearance fresh with the season that is most current. Because decorating styles and budgets vary, current trends can mean something different for each of our clients. Yes, we try to feature the latest look and decor, but our clients seem to be more interested in developing and creating their own individual style and look. Our staff is happy to assist our clients in decorating their homes to reflect their individuality and style.

What are some of the hottest trends in consignment decor? 

The term consignment decor is a new term for us. Anew Room is an upscale gallery that contains a variety of wonderful, pre-owned furniture, artwork and accessories that folks in our geographic area can purchase to create their own decor at an affordable price.

It is a unique opportunity for our customers to see absolutely beautiful high quality items that are in excellent condition. Our staff tries very hard to display these items in a way that our customers can enjoy as well as envision in their own homes.

We are dedicated and committed to providing our consignors and customers with the finest service and great attention to detail in an environment that is friendly, accommodating and fun.

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