Bliss Lofts are getting in on the ground floor—as well as with a penthouse view—of Canton’s downtown growth.

With Steve Coon’s adjacent Historic Onesto Lofts now operating at nearly full capacity—only one unit was open at this writing—the developer’s Bliss Lofts at 217 Second Street NW is offering a new wave of downtown residents an opportunity to live with a dramatic look out at the central part of a city that is the scene of a burgeoning array of activity.

“Downtown Canton has seen an amazing revitalization in the last decade, and part of what makes our units so appealing is the view,” said Cassie Ausperk, director of sales and marketing for both Historic Onesto Lofts and Bliss Lofts, who noted that almost half of the latter units already are leased. “There really isn’t an apartment in our building that has a bad view. Even on the second floor, you still are 50 feet up. You still have a great view of downtown.”

Most of the 55 rental units in the remodeled 12-floor former Bliss office building range in lease price from a little more than $1,600 per month for units sized 918 to 941 square feet to a little less than $2,200 for 1,246-square-foot units. A pair of two-floor quickly rented penthouses at the top of the structure carry $4,000 per month multiyear leases.

Still, the rent at each of those levels is “a little more inclusive” than most leases, Ausperk noted, since it includes cable and utilities. And, she noted “they are absolutely luxury apartments.”

Enhancements include hardwood floors, granite counters, stainless steel appliances, enlarged bathrooms with double sinks, dovetailed cabinets, additional lighting features, extra cable hook-ups and California-style walk-in closets.

And there is the ever-present view—through large wall-sized windows on every floor.

“Downtowns went out of style in the 1990s, but they’re coming back. People want to live downtown now, and we’re providing them with that opportunity,” said Ausperk. “We were just fortunate enough to be the first ones to think people would want to live here. Steve Coon really is a visionary.”

Other Downtown Canton Living Opportunities

Historic Onesto Lofts:
The 45 units created in the 12-story former Onesto Hotel at 225 Second Street NW are almost filled to capacity, the only unit available at this writing being a 2-bedroom unit leasing at $1,463 a month.

The Superior Apartments:
One of the newest collections of refurbished center-of-the-city apartments is at 817 Fifth Street NW, a product of King Properties and renting at about $550 per month.

Suites at 400:
Six Canton Development Partnership living units at 400 McKinley Avenue NW, ranging in size from 523 to 651 square feet, starting in lease price at $1 per square foot.

Arts District Lofts:
Individual apartments throughout Canton’s downtown Arts District get city dwellers close to the revitalization of Canton’s innermost neighborhoods, renting comparably to a two-bedroom $850-per-month King Properties unit in the 300-block of Fourth Street NW.

Canton Towers:
Eleven stories of one- and two-bedroom affordable housing apartments at 131 Fifth Street NE are designed with ease of living floor plans for seniors and accompanied by a host of scheduled activities.

The Hercules:
Going from factory to living space, almost 100 “market-rate apartments” are being constructed in the former motor plant at 1036 Market Avenue S.

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