Dating Scene: Disasters

Our readers have had some pretty rough dating experiences. See what they said on facebook.

Our readers have had some pretty rough dating experiences. See what they said on facebook.

Tiffany Lowden Burcaw: Looked nothing like his profile pic, and then his ex tracked him down and confronted him during our already horrible meal!
Denise McDannold: The time my date took me out to eat to spy on his old girlfriend :’(

Karen Vrabec: He showed up late for the first date because he was working on his jeep. We were supposed to go on a double date. I had to drive, he laughed horribly and drank too much.

Nicol Kocher Thompson: He showed up with his cat in his car—I’m allergic to cats

Cheryl Smith Kyser: The old “ I forgot my wallet” story……

Karen Vrabec: I forgot to set the emergency brake and my car started rolling down a hill.

Su Nimon: He picked me up, reached over to the back seat to turn on the boom box sitting back there because his car didn’t have a radio. It got worse from there.

Ashley Holderbaum: It was a blind date, he picked me up and we went to the comedy club in Akron. Little did I know we were meeting his friends there. No one talked to me. On the drive back he tells me he has a prosthetic leg and he felt like I was judging him. I didn’t even know! We never talked again.

Katie Kuceyeski: We went to a fair, and he flipped me upside down on one of the spinning rides, even though I asked him not to. I married him
6 years later, and now 10 years later I couldn’t ask for better.

Pam Oster: It seems to be common to tell too much about their “ex” or even multiple ones!

Jacki Schilling: It was a blind date and I was meeting him at his work. He managed a restaurant. He came out in a sweatshirt with ketchup stains, pants with flour all over, and covered in perspiration. (He could’ve brought a change of clothes.) We sat in the dining room and talked a little. Once he told me he was looking for someone who could use a wok and cook pork chops for him and his dad, I politely excused myself as he followed me out the door exclaiming that my food at his restaurant would be free if I would come back to see him. I’m paying for food elsewhere. LOL