Damara lives in: Green
Age: 35
Occupation and Employer: Wedding planner/owner of reInspired Bride
Educational Background: Kent State University
Status: Divorced

Are you proactively on the dating scene? Yep

Do you want to be in a committed relationship? Yes

Do you have or want to have children?
I have kiddos and don’t HAVE to have more, but wouldn’t hate the idea. ;)

3 things a potential significant other should know about you.
Only 3? I love my kids, and I love my job. I’m optimistic, open-minded, spontaneous, and have been described as a professional juggler of life. ;)

What is one lesson you have learned about love or relationships so far?
One lesson I’ve learned is that there’s always a lesson, and every lesson only makes you better and stronger.

Describe your ideal mate in a Twitter post.
Smart, spontaneous, creative—with a good heart. Bonus points if he’s tall and easy on the eyes. ;)

What do you think are your biggest obstacles to finding love?
I don’t hang out at the typical places you meet people (aka bars), and I have high standards. Additionally, I have a supportive circle of friends who keep me in check to make sure I don’t settle.

Do you have any regrets about past relationships and dating experiences, and if so, what are they?
Nope! Just using each experience to make the next one more awesome!

What is your go-to conversation starter or pick-up line?

Is there anything you would not try once?
Crack, wasabi and deer hunting (poor Rudolph)—in no particular order

What is your biggest dating red flag?
Snap chat filters

What hobbies, activities or interests give you the greatest pleasure?
Adventuring with my kids, work and hanging with amazing friends who inspire me.

What is it like to work in your industry when you currently are searching for love? Do you think your job scares off potential suitors?
Working in my industry is a blast and basically revolves entirely around love, so there’s that. I’m not sure it effects anything—as far as I can tell. I’m exactly where I want to be, and the right person will dig it too. No concerns over here!

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