Bright Spots: Heather Bullach, award-winning artist

As an artist, Heather Bullach is ever-evolving.

As an artist, Heather Bullach is ever-evolving. “I started as a very realistic painter. I tried to paint as photographically as I could. I recently have been exploring loosening my style and painting faster and leaving the brushstrokes on the canvas rather than perfecting them,” explained Bullach, who at her website says her style ranges from “tight realism to expressive impressionalism.”

The portrait and landscape painter also has worked to widen her artistic repertoire.

“I’ve been doing portraits longer,” said Bullach, who early in 2014 had an exhibition at Translations Art Gallery of portraits she painted of 50 influential people in the Canton arts community.

“I only recently, within the last year, began exploring landscapes,” said Bullach, who lives near Dalton. “I’m kind of surprised I didn’t start sooner. When I’m out running near my home or commuting to work, I often see things that inspire me.”

Bullach is an adjunct instructor of art at Malone University, from which she earned her bachelor’s degree in 2011.

“I have always, since I was little, been sketching and drawing,” she recalled. “I could never imagine myself doing anything different.”

Bullach derives inspiration from a variety of sources. Sometimes, a setting simply will catch her eye and become a landscape painting. For portraits, she usually takes a photograph of her subject to use as her guide.

“When you take pictures, you can sort of feel the shots that capture the people,” she said.

The artist won the Ohio Watercolor Society 2010 Scholarship and the Mary Ellen McFadden Award for artistic achievement in 2011. In 2015, she was the Canton Arts District All-Stars Exhibition winner.

Bullach recently had an exhibition of her landscape paintings at Little Art Gallery at North Canton Public Library.

Her work is on display at Second April Galerie and Studios. But, she is hoping to expand her artistic reach.

“I don’t see myself leaving this area,” said Bullach, who also is traveling exhibition coordinator for Massillon Museum. “But, I would like to start pushing outward, getting my work out into other cities.”