Brew View Update: Scenic Brewing Company

Craft beer lovers Dan and Hillary Mueller used to enjoy brewing beer at their home, in batches of 5 to 20 gallons.

Craft beer lovers Dan and Hillary Mueller used to enjoy brewing beer at their home, in batches of 5 to 20 gallons.

This year, they have upped their game considerably, by opening a full-scale brewing operation with 200-gallon tanks.

Scenic Brewing Company, which opened in August in Jackson Township, clearly is a labor of love.

“Our beers are getting better and better all the time. We’re still trying to get more flavors out of each batch,” said Dan, “whether you like light beer, hoppy beer, dark beer. You might not like everything, but you’re going to find something you like.”

Among his favorites are the recently added Dubbel Trap, a Belgian-style beer, and Summer Stroll, a lemon-tinged Hefeweizen. Also on Scenic’s 10-beer menu are Gambit’s Peak Blonde Ale, Crimson Harvest Wheat, Unchartered IPA and a potent Imperial IPA titled Back Country Class VI with 9 percent alcohol content.

A full-time soldier with the Ohio National Guard, Dan has a master’s degree in management, while Hillary has an MBA. “We’ve got a great staff underneath us,” he said. Louis Ferdinand is the assistant brewmaster.

“Scenic has been attracting a fairly broad clientele, most in the 27-to-55 age group,” Dan estimated. “Things are very good. We’ve gotten a great reaction.”

The decor has a rustic industrial feel that utilizes reclaimed pallets and used steel. The bar tops are two 14-foot slabs of red maple, and there is a chalkboard in the shape of Scenic’s logo.
Foodwise, Scenic offers four different pizzas and soft beer pretzels with beer-cheese dip.

Dubbel Trap: a Belgian-style beer; (11 IBU | 6.8% ABV | 17 SRM)
Summer Stroll: a lemon-tinged Hefeweizen; (11 IBU | 6% ABV | 6 SRM)
Gambit’s Peak Blonde Ale: (22 IBU | 5% ABV | 4 SRM)
Crimson Harvest Wheat: an American Red Wheat grain beer; (24 IBU | 6% ABV | 9 SRM)
Unchartered IPA: includes several hops of floral, tropical, citrus and pine; (66 IBU | 6% ABV | 10 SRM)
Back Country Class VI: a hearty IPA with six hops, a light color and full of character; (90 IBU | 9% ABV | 11 SRM)
Davenport Smoked Ale: (24 IBUs | 5% ABV | 19 SRM)
Base Camp Porter: (20 IBUs | 7% ABV | 40 SRM)
No Mans Land: The high initial bitterness from Summit hops and the variety of dark and sweet malts rounds the flavorings. (65 IBU | 8.4% ABV | 40 SRM)
Scenic Hollow Pumpkin Ale: American Amber Ale base with a unique Pumpkin recipe addition; (23 IBU | 6% ABV | 10 SRM)

7253 Whipple Ave. NW, North Canton