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Brandice Schnabel is here to help you get your priorities in order.

Sky Witness Healing Therapy

Brandice Schnabel is here to help you get your priorities in order.

“I really like to give people permission to put themselves first,” said Schnabel, 37, a psychotherapist and owner of Sky Witness Healing Arts in North Canton.

Schnabel, a licensed independent social worker, became a full-time business owner about three years ago, after leaving a job at a hospital in Akron. 

Schnabel, a Beloit native, lives in North Canton with her husband, Jim, and 5-year-old daughter, Matilda. She’s on the Stark County Mental Health & Addition Recovery board of directors.

Transitioning from clinical work to private practice has meant adopting a whole new set of boundaries.

“The biggest thing is that I had to learn how to be less busy than I was and more responsible than I was when I worked for someone else,” she said.

Many of her clients could relate to that struggle.

They are burnt out and overloaded–successful people who are driven but have a hard time prioritizing themselves after responsibilities at work and home, she said.

“We are better at our jobs, we are better wives, we are better caregivers, we’re better humans when we are well cared for,” she said. “The biggest thing that I do is insist that people put themselves first. And in doing that, we are better for everyone around us and more productive.”

Going into private practice gave Schnabel the opportunity to focus on the long-term health of her clients. And it allowed her to better incorporate spirituality into her work.

“I tend to be pretty open to spiritual discussions that I don’t think a lot of practitioners are super well-versed in, in this area,” she said. “I’m able to speak to a more pagan or a more nature-based spirituality in my counseling.”

Schnabel is an Animist—
“Animism is an understanding that all things have worth and agency,” she explains—and co-hosts a podcast, Everyday Animism.

She also has done intensive intuitive training with a shaman in North Carolina, as well as Druidic studies.

The shamanic training was a natural extension to her work, she said, noting that she always has been a spiritual speaker.

In the last year, Schnabel has launched a second business, Soulful Focus, which offers productivity consulting and intuitive mentoring and work.

Intuitive work is about “accessing spiritual allies that offer insights to help us live more grounded. It can look like a million different things,” she explained.

Soulful Focus has given her a way to “take some passion stuff and turn it into something I could offer to others.”

“I like helping people find the right tools, the right system, the right routines to get things done. And to also help them be really grounded in what they want to get done. Not just getting things done to get things done” but being productive without stealing time from family or kids, or doing so in a way that’s spiritually grounded, she said.

—Jessica Holbrook