Amy Mears | Most Eligible Singles

You usually hear my voice and/or laugh before you actually see me. I’m a story teller. I run on my own clock—but I’m worth the wait.

Amy lives in: North Canton
Age: 48
Occupation: IT project coordinator
Educational Background: Some college
Status: Divorced

Are you proactively on the dating scene? Yes—online dating—ugh

Do you want to be in a committed relationship? Undecided

Do you have or want to have children? I don’t have kids and don’t want to

3 things a potential significant other should know about you.
You usually hear my voice and/or laugh before you actually see me. I’m a story teller. I run on my own clock—but I’m worth the wait.

What is one lesson you have learned about love or relationships so far?
When dealing with matters of the heart, a sense of humor, patience, kindness and honesty are all paramount.

Describe your ideal mate in a Twitter post.
Kindness & manners are a turn-on. Confident not cocky. Combo of adventurer/couch potato. Equal counterpart in social situations. Likes dogs.

What do you think are your biggest obstacles to finding love?
Myself. Once bitten… twice shy. I’m not proactive in putting myself out there.
A little thing I call “six degrees of small town separation”—everybody knows everybody or something about somebody…

Do you have any regrets about past relationships and dating experiences, and if so, what are they?
I’m not a person of regret. It is what it is. Get the lesson and move on!

What is your go-to conversation starter or pick-up line?
Hi! I’m Amy Mears.

What is your biggest dating red flag?
My top red flags are:
Someone who is needy.
Someone who doesn’t have close friends.
Someone who is selfish.
Someone who is a downer.

What hobbies, activities or interests give you the greatest pleasure?
I’m a sucker for good conversation, cocktails and snacks. I love art and live music. I have three dogs that I have rescued that I just adore. I don’t have the opportunity to go very often, but I love to go horseback riding.

Who do you greatly admire and why?
I have been blessed with a beautiful band of friends who are all accomplished and just good, decent people in general. It has been amazing to watch them grow, achieve and give back.

Describe your dream vacation.
I would like to start exploring places where I can take my dogs… somewhere more relaxed and mellow… small town vibe as opposed to big city… close to water… ocean, lakes, waterfalls, etc.

Why did your last major relationship not work out?
We were very much in love and committed to each other for a significant amount of time (13 years). We both experienced some life changes that put each person on a different path. Unfortunately, these paths did not intersect and took us in completely different directions in our lives. As a result, we parted ways.
I am proud to say we are capable of being congenial towards one another. Should the instance occur where we run into each other, we are able to say hello and catch up. I am relieved that there is not any negativity and that we can conduct ourselves in a respectable way.
In conclusion, I will say that situation happened the way it was supposed to. The whole experience provided lessons that I would not have received any other way. However, it is the past. I look forward to the future and what opportunities await.