AGE: 8
RESIDES: Nimishillen Township
SCHOOL: Louisville Elementary
FIVE OF KAYLYN’S FAVORITE THINGS: Music — especially Elvis, Boxing at Chris Downing Fitness in Louisville, Swimming, Volunteering for Lifebanc with my mom, Playing with my friends
THREE WORDS TO DESCRIBE KAYLYN: Caring, Generous, Outgoing
“I want to be a liver doctor, because a liver doctor saved my life.”

Kaylyn received a liver transplant when she was just 7 months old. Her parents had been told she had just 24 hours to live when they received news that she was getting a life-saving gift of a new liver. Kaylyn is now 8 years old and thriving.

“We were told in the beginning she could be slow mentally, because of all the medication she was given to try to get her liver to work — this past school year, her report card was one B and the rest A’s each grading period,” said her grandmother, Linda Butler.

“She already gives back by sharing her story about her transplant. Kaylyn and her family are very active volunteering for Lifebanc to help educate about organ donation. She has been featured on several commercials about organ donation.”

It’s easy to see why — Kaylyn doesn’t seem to have a shy bone in her body. She’s a ham, her grandma said, noting she speaks to groups of up to 1,500 people without a second thought. Kaylyn also has done some cheering and dance classes, but her current passion is boxing.

“She is living life to the fullest, thanks to the kindness of strangers in their darkest hour,” Linda said. “ Without the gift she received on Sept. 12, 2005, she would not have a story to tell.”

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