AGE: 10
RESIDES: Plain Township
SCHOOL: Glenwood Intermediate School
FIVE OF CHLOE’S FAVORITE THINGS: Sports, Family, Friends, Helping others, Roller blading

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Chloe was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia in 2006, when she was just 3 1/2 years old. Her mom, Jaclyn, said she had seemed to catch a cold and was very tired and pale. A routine trip to the doctor just to double-check turned up some disturbing test results.They were sent to Akron Children’s Hospital, where it was confirmed that she had leukemia. Chloe began 2 1/2 years of treatments — chemo, spinal taps with more chemo, at-home chemo, high-dose steroids and multiple hospital stays.

“The road was long and hard and included the deaths of both of Chloe’s great grandfathers in just the first few months. But through it all, Chloe remained our brave hero princess,” her mom said. “Because she was so young, she didn’t seem to realize that she was different or that going to the hospital so often wasn’t what ‘normal’ kids did.”

Chloe said she doesn’t remember too much about when she was first diagnosed.

“I remember the day when my grandma shaved my hair. It was on Mother’s Day. My mom kept on kissing my head and getting hair in her mouth.Then she decided with my grandma that it was time to shave my hair all off. My mom and grandma were crying.That was when I shaved my hair,” Chloe said.

After Chloe got through all of her treatments in July 2008, the family decided together that they wanted to do something good to commemorate the anniversary of her diagnosis. They formed Chloe’s Characters 4 Kidz (CC4K) to help out other sick children. They started collecting character Band-Aids and other crafts and small toys to be given to children going through treatments at the clinic as a way to give back. This July, Chloe celebrated five years of being cancer-free — and is officially considered cured. To find out more about CC4K, including how to donate, visit

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