Adventures in Akron: The Bomb Shelter

On the periphery of Akron’s Goodyear Heights neighborhood lies a store filled with old treasures waiting to become new again.

On the periphery of Akron’s Goodyear Heights neighborhood lies a store filled with old treasures waiting to become new again.

Welcome to The Bomb Shelter.

“We’re one-of-a-kind; there’s really nothing like us around,” said store manager Becky McKee.

akron_bomb2Opened five years ago, The Bomb Shelter is billed as a retro superstore. It’s 18,000 square feet of vintage—everything from furniture to outboard gas boat motors.

“It’s curated,” McKee explained of the layout, which has an almost museum-feel. “Everything is set up, so that when customers walk through, they are able to envision how pieces would fit into their lives.”

The inventory is fluid. Pieces are sold. New items arrive.

Here is a sampling of some of the latest additions (as of May, when the article was written):

• A 6-foot-long acrylic table.

• Iron and wood wagon wheels and an iron wood burner.

akron_bomb3• Antique oak filing cabinet.

• Foundry molds.

• An old Coca-Cola cooler.

• Vintage organ pipes.

• Antique tin ceiling tiles.

Much of the merchandise is purchased by customers who are looking for specific items for rooms in their homes. Some is bought for art projects. Some is scooped up by collectors who want to add to their portfolio.

The store owners always are looking to purchase items, as well, with special interests that include: Retro items from the 1950s to 1970s, antique furniture, vintage auto parts, military items, camping and sporting goods gear, house fixtures, glass, signs, religious items and pieces, vintage art and bicycles.

The store website shares this: “The Bomb Shelter is a place to relive the last century and carry its treasures into the next, so together we may bring the past to a whole new generation. Our guests will chuckle, stir memories, be inspired into creativity and be educated on the benefits of reusing, purposing and upcycling …”


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