Toddy B’s Sports Restaurant & Lounge

Chef: Mark Murphy
330-649-2125 • 2700 Easton St. NE, Plain Twp. •

The judges describe enjoying this contender like diving into an open-faced meatball sub sandwich. The thick, hearty crust is of the breadier variety, but supports the flavorful meaballs perfectly!

CHEF’S DESCRIPTION: Sicilian-style pizza with our house marinara sauce, delicious homemade meatballs, a perfect blend of fresh provolone and mozzarella cheese all baked into a homemade garlic butter crust and topped off with a fresh basil. We chose this pizza because it is unique to the normal flatbread style pizzas we have on our menu regularly. We also wanted to incorporate our housemade marinara sauce because we have received so many compliments on it during our pasta nights.

Menu Price: $10.95, created specifically for entry into Feast Awards


Wow! Sliced meatballs look great!

A rich, well-balanced and hearty red sauce.

I like a lot of sauce on my pizza, and this one delivers. The crust is thick and great for dipping in the marinara.

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