2011’s Most Eligible | Where are they now?

We couldn’t let the opportunity pass to check in with our singles from last year. Here’s what’s been happening with them since they were featured last February.

We couldn’t let the opportunity pass to check in with our singles from last year. Here’s what’s been happening with them since they were featured last February.


“I’ve crossed several travel destinations off my bucket list,” she said since being featured. “I’ve become more involved in Summit and Stark Counties and, sadly, broke another side mirror.” She said she had fun being featured in the magazine. “I received extremely positive feedback from the article. Thankfully, I was able to keep the article pretty quiet at work and only received harassment from family and friends.” Her current status: Attached.


last_singles_brianRogers said he knew he’d hear it from friends and family when after he was on the cover of About’s “Most Eligible Singles” issue. “I have been consistently harassed and made fun of by all of my friends in my life,” said Rogers. “Within the first few months of the article, I was frequently recognized by people in the Stark County area when I was out and about. One night I was talking amongst friends at Jose’s when I was randomly approached by a girl who was a frequent patron. The girl had made attempts to flirt with me in the past and her friend had told me she was interested in me before. The girl walked up to me — very intoxicated — and blurted out ‘Now I know why you don’t like me. It’s because I’m not a red-headed unicorn’ then she stormed off with what appeared to be tears in her eyes.” Rogers made a reference to liking redheads in the one of the questions he answered for the feature.

“Today, most everything about me is the same. I am still an associate special-education teacher with the Leap Program. I am still fighting mixed martial arts professionally and recently signed with an organization called Bellator Fighting Championships, and now all of my fights can be seen on the MTV2 network on Saturday nights. It has been a major step up in exposure and pay for me, which a very good thing.” He’s now engaged to “a wonderful redhead” he was dating when the feature came out. The couple is set to be married in July in Hawaii.


last_singles_stephen“It’s been a landmark year! Lots of travel, lots of adventures, and lots of new work,” he said. “I transferred back to the University of Akron after the Christchurch quake quelled my studies in New Zealand. I am currently in premed hoping to become an army doc.”

McNulty left for his schooling in New Zealand just after the issue came out last year. “So I never really got to enjoy it, but I was honored to be featured,” he said, noting, “I am currently dating a beautiful young lady from Canton.”


last_singles_mia“Since being featured in About magazine, I’ve changed hairstyles, moods and careers,” said Morning.

“I’ve been quite busy in my anything-but-dull life, but no new romance has happened.” She’s not worried. “I don’t fret. Some day my prince will come. And if he just happens to be Prince, you’ll be sure to find me in a DMZ article. But, you’ll hear it first on a new TV show I’ll be hosting — ‘School of Thought with MIA Morning’ is launching at the top of 2012. Ay!” She said she has been contacted by a couple of “inquiring minds” as a result of the article, and obtained new followers on Twitter and Facebook. But, she said,“I am as single as a $1 bill.”


last_singles_ryans“Since the article ran, I started my own business and have met a lot of really amazing people to better my life, along with pursuing modeling for a potential career,” said Skibicki.

“I am now known as Mr. Eligible Bachelor at my gym. Everyone there thinks I am famous. It is pretty awesome!”

And as for his status? “I am currently single. I’m just waiting for the right one to waltz on in.”


last_singles_kelley“It has been very interesting,” said Palone.

“I have met a few great guys since the article, but nothing serious. My family and co-workers have had a lot of fun with it! Lucky for me, I do not embarrass easily.”

In the past year, she said she received two marriage proposals and an offer to take a trip to Columbus. “I declined all three.” Palone is currently unattached.


last_singles_justin“I enjoyed being a part of it,” he said. “Participating in the ‘singles issue’ was an interesting experience. Occasionally I’d get that random glance followed by that simple comment, ‘aren’t you…’ and I’d reply ‘yes.’

He said many took the opportunity to tease him about being featured. “Co-workers, close friends and many members of the North Canton YMCA enjoyed razzing me about the article a bit, but it was all in good taste. I enjoyed the free PR, and my status has remained the same — single. To the new eligible singles, I’d say enjoy it and have fun with it.”


last_singles_julieSince she appeared in the singles issue last year,Vega said, “I made a job change — I am still a mortgage loan officer, but am working for Westfield Bank now. I love it!

I didn’t get asked out, but I did get quite a few people recognizing me from the article. It was actually fun. It surprised me every time it happened!” Currently single, Vega said.

“People that know me have to be thinking one of two things — ‘How is that possible?’ or ‘There’s no surprise!’ — I am so glad I can’t read minds!”


last_singles_ryanh“Since the February 2011 issue of About I’ve spent more time than ever focusing on my music,” he said.

He’s working on a new album, “Sometimes the Game Plays You,” to be released in the summer.

“As for the response from the article, a lot of people told me they saw it, but nothing came of it. I was able to reconnect with some old friends who saw the article.”